Halloween is coming

I walked down Bourbon Street in September this year in my Halloween Costume. It actually was a tee shirt that said, “This is my Awesome Grandma Costume” with a picture of a witch hat and feet.  I was at a really neat event put on by our  #1 Anchor Offer. About 300 other people also were in costume.  Motorcycles rode at the front of our parade and they stopped traffic for us to go from the Waldorf Astoria, where the event was held, up Canal Street and then on to Bourbon Street.   That was fun and I totally enjoyed the costumed people both in front and at the rear of the parade.

Halloween is coming

Halloween can be enjoyable for all.  I really used to get into it when my children were young and we wanted to make sure that they were safe.  We would take them around the neighborhood and watch from the sidewalk while my little Princesses, or Ghosts, or Gypsy’s tripped up the steps to fill their bags with candy, and sometimes, apples.

Then, home we went to paw through the goodies, making sure that they didn’t eat too much and also making sure that their weren’t any surprises in the bag.  Yes, even then, you had to be careful.


I remember one year, after the kids had grown and had their own children to take around.  I had gotten heavily into dancing at a dance studio.  And, we had found out that our studio owner had actually gotten into dancing because he really had loved the video that Michael Jackson had made, called Thriller. Before that, he was going to be a pro-soccer player. But, that dance and the moves really spoke to him.

My Thriller Moment

We (the teachers and myself) found the “shortened version” of the video, and we worked for weeks at my house.  Every Wednesday night, we would practice.  Those moves were hard! There were about 8 of us doing the Ghoul Dance.

When I looked for that video tonight, I found out that there actually is a original version of that video that is very much more interesting.  That one is 14 minutes long and has the whole story that Michael originally did.

You can go on the Amazon page and watch that original version by VEVO and then watch the shortened version, which is about 3 minutes long.  I think you will be very surprised at the difference.  You can find it on the page that has the Thriller music. It is under my page that talks about movies, because the videos are just movies (short versions) Just scroll down the page and you will see the videos and you can watch them for free.

Then the night of Halloween came

I remember so vividly,  being in the only bathroom in the studio, busily cutting up old business suits we found in Goodwill.  And putting red die on them to have pretend blood. Guys would come in to that bathroom, and I would make sure that were dressed and looked sufficiently weird.  I think I made a few people mad because I totally took over that bathroom for about an hour, with guys coming and going.

One of my friends was a very good theater type make up artist.  He worked with our cast and made us all look like Ghouls.  When the appropriate time came.  We blacked out the studio and quickly set up enough grave markers and started the dry ice.  Then, we crept out, lay down behind the Graves and waited for the lights to come up.

The Moment Came

Francisco was totally surprised!  We started the music and did the whole dance and completely blew away all the dance party members as well as our owner, Francisco.  That was soooo much fun.  The only sad point was that the guy who was supposed to run the video, forgot to put it on Night Vision and you couldn’t see it when we ran it back.  That was a bummer.  But, that was the first Exhibition Dancing I did.  And, it was for Halloween!

Halloween really has a lot that can go on

For example, Halloween food for children is about more than the sweets they pick up while trick-or-treating. A lot of people  host Halloween parties during this time of year, and the food can add to the overall holiday appeal of the party. The key is to keep it spooky without going overboard. Keep in mind the fear factor should be well below the planning involved for an adult Halloween party. Get the children to have fun, not need therapy afterwards.

You know you can’t go wrong with Halloween foods for children when there are sweets involved. Though they may round up plenty of goodies during their trick-or-treating, make they have some home baked treats. The easiest option is to decorate cupcakes. They can easily be eaten, with a individual wipe at the table and thrown away and there are plenty of fun ways to do this. You can use icing on a plate to give the appearance of spider legs with the cupcake being the spider body and maybe a little red hourglass on the cupcake for a black widow. Icing can make spider webs, ghosts or you can use stencils to get into more intricate designs.

If you want to do an entire cake instead, there are also several options. The two most popular are the “graveyard cake” and the “worms in dirt.” Worms in dirt may not be spooky, but it is gross and a great choice of Halloween foods for children. The first layer is Jell-O with gummy worms, topped with crumbled cookies for dirt. Add a few gummy worms protruding from the “dirt” for extra fun.

An Alternative that can be done all year

My husband and I used to do a alternative for that when we went to a house warming.  We would get new plant holder, buy a smaller plant, (wrap that plant base in plastic) and put chocolate pudding all around it, crumble Oreo cookies to make it look like dirt, and place it in the center of the table where we had dinner.  Then, when dinner was over, we would pick up our spoons and start filling our dessert bowls with the “dirt”.  It always went over really well and our hosts also got a lovely plant.  We took the larger plant holder home and used it over and over.

Other Interesting Food

The graveyard cake is however you would like to interpret it, but the general idea is to create a cemetery. Use cookie crumbles for dirt or green icing for grass, and whichever type of cookie you would like to create tombstones. Marshmallows or whipped cream make great ghosts. Just remember, using extra touches such as plastic spiders, may not be a good idea for younger children. Make sure to keep choking hazards out of the food planning.

Then, of course, you have to dress up

One year my husband and I dressed up as dinosaurs.  There are actually slippers that look like dinosaur feet.  Then, we bought costumes, wore our slippers and went to the party.

Or, you can set your self up as a Monster

This is not just throwing a bunch of makeup on your face and mixing it up together like a bread pudding.  At the base of every monster is the person or being which existed before Halloweenthey became a monster.  Somehow, you have to transcend the bridge and make your monster real.  If it’s an “affliction” then make it as simple, and as real as you can.  Sometimes a perfectly simple Mardi Gras-like mask can help, as in Phantom of the Opera.  There needn’t be anything behind a mask, but we can always wonder.



For men, there’s a certain swagger to an explorer or adventurer or pirate.  You can buy a costume. Or you can make your own.  This can mean beard stubble, which is easy for men as they have their own.  Just don’t shave for a few days.  You can always stipple on some black makeup as well, unless you are a red head of course.

An old sword wound can be created as long as it doesn’t curl up on  your face like a mini-venetian blind because of sweat.   You can buy wounds in either a magic shop or makeup store or off the Internet.

Creating a Haunted Home

Honestly, these days it is almost impossible to narrow down the choices of how to decorate your home for Halloween. We’ve come a long way from just the simple paper cutouts that hang on a door or wall. These days, homes can come alive with the undead and macabre fairly simply.

One of the easiest ways to add little touches of a fear factor to the home is by adding plenty of fake vermin.  Plastic spiders, roaches and rats can be scattered about a room to add some yuck. Of course, do not use the little critter décor if you have little ones or pets as these can be choking hazards.

Add fake cobwebs to corners and ghosts hanging from the ceiling which are always great. Ghosts can be created by using sheets, pillowcases or white trash bags. Simply lightly stuff with paper, close off with wire, string or rubber bands and hang for some scare factor. Remember to use caution and never hang anything too close to a light fixture or ceiling fan.

Or, you can go for Fall Decorations and make it last for several months

Halloween house decorations can also be selected to offer more of a seasonal theme than a haunted appeal. So think Fall, instead of fear.

Pumpkins still add holiday finesse, only this time they don’t require any carving. In fact some gourds of all sizes, shapes and colors can really make a home look festive for this holiday. Of course that also means adding some hay to the look. You can put cloth or plastic on the floor and then use hay bales for décor or even seating. Make sure to use some loose bits around the room as well.

Apples and dried corn also add some festive holiday flavor to a room. If you’re really feeling in the spirit of things, you can also incorporate a scarecrow into your decorating and take it that extra step. Use some paper leaves to create an ambiance of fall, not just Halloween.




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Weight Loss Miracle and other cool Products

I have found a weight loss miracle.  This is one I can live with without having to stress myself, deny myself or watch others eat happily while I tried to make due with salads.  I’ve grown to hate salads.

Weight Loss Miracle

To give you a little background, weight Loss has been an extremely important part of my life since I came down with Hashimoto’s Disease when I was 42.  After that time, I tried every diet, modification of diet and lifestyle change I could find to try to get back to my preferred weight of 135.  I got all the way up to 189 and was diagnosed with type two diabetes.  Then I went on a diet called Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight.  I lost 20 pounds and brought myself into a pre-diabetic  state which I have fought tooth and nail to stay at.

Unfortunately, fighting doesn’t always mean you win the battle.  I couldn’t stay away from wheat.  Everything I like to eat either has wheat or dairy or sugar in it.  I eventually started eating toast again and partaking of a little bit of cookies and cake at pot lucks and my weight gradually has crept up again to 182 as of last week.

Then I learned about this really neat product that the owner of my company had tried.  He was ecstatic.  He had also had a problem with weight that he had fought for many years and he told me that he had lost 10 pounds in 8 days without changing any of his eating or exercise habits!

Obviously, I wanted to try that.  So, I joined the company at once, got my product within 4 days and started doing just what he did.  This is my before picture

Weight Loss Miracle

That was on Saturday.

Today, the following Thursday,  I weighed myself and found that I had lost 6 pounds without doing anything different.  What did I do?  I used the company’s coffee instead of my own.  That is all.  I have a cup when I get up.  Then another cup in about 3 hours.  I feel alert, happy, and have a really great ability to concentrate for much longer periods of time.  I seem to have lost the cravings for sweet things.  And my appetite has lowered.  So, I eat less.  But, I do eat almost exactly what I was eating before, just not so much.  And the loss of cravings extended to stopping my habit of eating late at night. Which was habit I had tried hard to break for years without success.

Since it is so easy to do, I’m not experiencing any challenges to my lifestyle and what’s not to like about a product that actually does what it says.  I’m planning on losing 40 pounds.  .

For people who want to be just customers

I know there are people who are just interested in getting the weight loss coffee without becoming involved in making money with it.  To those people, here is the page you go to. Go to the end of that page and there is red words likes the above.  That is the customer page.

Other Cool Products

Now you know this is an Online Marketing Mall, right?  My CEO of this Online Education Company is a marketer from years back.  He has been teaching me how to be a teacher of his system which is called the Performance Blogging System

which I love and have been a part of for about two years now.  Recently he started a new way of marketing using an extremely effective tool.  It is called the 77ways.com/tthomas page.  In it is effective presentations of our most trending products, presented as only Rory can present them.  It even has a really cost cutting offer which allows you to save money on one product, which is an extremely generous offer.   Check out this page and look through our newest and best offers started in the last year or so.  We have free offers that will make you money without you having to do a thing.

Now, Anchor Offers are Different

They are offers that will be interesting to a large group of people, because these offers are trending now, and if many cases, forever!

We have Anchor offers which your friends will love you for.  There are even two offers that come from the financial world that few people really about.  So, check it out and tell me what you think.  You can sign up at the side here and be sent to my Thank You page where you will even get the chance to read a original mystery novella that has been pretty well received by other authors.

Teacher Supplies

I was a teacher for 16 years.  I, like so many of my fellow teachers, bought all the special supplies that made school fun for students.  My husband would cringe when I went in to a Teacher Store.  He would just sit in the car and read, because I would be there for hours, looking at every possible extra information book or neat kinesthetic teaching material.  Teacher supplies cost me about $200 a month.  But, then, of course, I was known for my room decor.

Teacher Supplies


I have been working with a company for the last year.  They have the best and most reliable delivery of just about everything.  I’m sure you’ve heard them.  Recently, I was looking over some of their promotions, because I was curious.  I don’t generally do promotions because usually they are short lived and I would have to spend time promoting, put out ads and then take them back.  It was just to much trouble.

Then, I ran across this one of actually several promotions, that was a very long term promotion.  They are going on pretty much all year.  And, one them really is close to my heart.  I saw railroad board, for very inexpensive amounts.  I could have it delivered to my door and I wouldn’t need to carry it from the store to my car, to my door at all.  It would just be delivered.  I could even have it delivered to the school.  Now, railroad board is used for a lot of stuff by teachers.  You can cut it up, cover it with plastic, add crayons and a piece of cloth and you have an individual answer card that is large enough to be seen by the teacher and easy to keep in ones desk.  And, this was really inexpensive.

I also saw wonderful kinesthetic teaching materials for Geometry that could be used by anyone from Kindergarten to College.  And those items are really inexpensive.  There are about 146 pages of every kind of teacher supplies for every grade level, specialty, like Science, Math,  and Special Education, for example.  Or, Art.


So, go to this page that I have linked and find out about more inexpensive teacher supplies.  This will work for actual teachers, home schooling moms, artists, and moms that want to help their kids learn.

Direct Cellars Event Highlights

 Direct Cellars Event Highlights in Las Vegas 2018 is about my first event with this company. And I have to say that Direct Cellars has completely charmed me both as a company, and as a way of doing business.  The people on stage,  made it clear, from the first, that the people they were thanking were us, not them.  They appreciated us to the maximum that I have ever seen.

Everything always started everything with

First, they start with the National Anthem, and meant the pride in our country.  Then, they start giving out gifts, beautiful crystal stars for people that were loved by their distributors.  They gave out 60 of those beautiful, Rising Star Awards to to people who were loved by their fellow distributors.   The Top Three plaques were given for extra special people who were really good at what they do.

My favorite was the one to Paul Feldman, a man I know, who is in a wheelchair, yet is very successful in this company. He got one of the Rising Star Awards, and is also one of the Top Three recruiters.

He is a top promoter in rrr247.com, the company I’m part of. Rory had a bunch of us there at this event.  We took up a really large section.  We even had a Mastermind Training the night before.  That is one of the perks of being part of this outstanding marketing education company.

Then after giving out many gifts and talking about how proud they were of us, we had a great night of dancing. The next day, I took notes on the wonderful things they are doing to help make things easier for us, as distributors for their wonderful Wine of the Month Club. These are important things for distributors in a company.

Highlights of the Direct Cellars Event

  • The back office has a new look which makes it really easy to navigate.
  • They now have a whole back office in Spanish and will be adding the ability to have other languages.
  • Direct Cellars are now in the process of opening up in Germany and Australia and will be opening other countries during this year.
  • They introduced Steve Burch, our new in house Wine Maker out of Napa Valley in California.  He gave us wine information and training several times during the presentations, as did Jerry Greenfield.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and fun to hear.  And Jerry has a new book out called Secrets of the Wine Whisperer. I bought a copy.  He signed it.
  • September, when the next event will be had will be in a venue where children can come.  This venue was not family friendly enough.
  • They taught us so much about being an successful promoter of this wonderful wine of the month club.  Good tips on finding, training and retaining customers and distributors.
  • Their commission structure has been changed to give more money to those who are working the business.  They call it compression. I call it “Oh, Wow!”
  • We were taught us about Tap Rooting and other secrets of a good leaders in this outstanding opportunity.
  • They made it a point to really make me understand this is a business that changes the person as well as making us money.  They talked about teaching us to be businessmen and learn the best practices in that capacity.

Some of the People whose stories I heard

They introduced Austin Z., who is their top earner of 2017.  He made one half million dollars last year.  He talked about how he was a wage earner with a family that he never saw because he worked 12 hours a day in a low paying job in Kentucky.  I saw just your average man, pretty young really, who wanted to be able to spend time with his family and not miss out on life. He almost made me cry.


HighlightsAnother lady, called Nina, was introduced, that won just about everything they were offering:  A car, Top 20 Seller, Ambassador Club, you name it.  She won it.  She started out as a hair stylist.  Now she is dressed to the nines and making way more than she made in maybe ten years at her old career.


The changes in the lives of these people and many more that came across that stage, are really the Highlights of the Direct Cellars 2018 event for me.  They showed me that it is possible to work your way into complete financial stability. It is possible, even if you are young or handicapped or old or a single woman or anyone. I have total belief in this company, their core values and their opportunity that is  for everyone who wants more than what they have now.

Direct Cellars Highlights

As you can see, all of the above are just regular people like myself.  All of these people won a Tesla, Mercedes, Cadillac or BMW car.  They got whichever they wanted. I even heard something about giving out a plane.  And, they also mentioned that Austin went to an island getaway as part of one of their gifts. This company is where to be in 2018.



New Year’s Resolutions

I always havNew Year's Resolutionse New Year’s Resolutions.  I even write them down, so that I can look back.  They are in the front of  a yearly journal.  And I journal over the year about all the things I am doing that are completing my New Year’s Resolutions as well as what is going on in my life.  It is really fun, for me, reading about what I wanted to do each year.  There is really no better way to determine how you are doing in becoming wiser and more knowledgeable about your emotional growth.

New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Last year, I decided to downsize and declutter.  I read a book on it and actually wrote a couple of blogs about that book.  They are located in the Category: Articles

I also looked into information about Alzheimer’s and how to tell if you have it.  I looked into this because I had a lot of experience in my background with Alzheimers, and because several friends were diagnosed with this so dreadful disease.

Another article I wrote was about the flu.  Again, it was due to many friends having it and  noting how it differs depending on what age group you are in.  All of these articles are in that category: Articles  I also wrote other articles, but these are the ones that I liked the most.

My most Recent Article

Just last week, I wrote and article on Scams because I had gotten caught in two that I knew of.  And, had bought into many more schemes that didn’t actually do what they said they would.  Thank goodness, I was lucky enough to find RRR247.com.  (I put that in Green because I make green money from this site.)

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

This year, one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to look into the aspect of growing older.  I’m all about being proactive in this life.  I want to learn what I can do to facilitate growing better as I age.

I’m already bought a book about Neuroplasticity because it says that it offers real hope for people that are dyslexics and stroke victims. One of my very good friends had a stroke in November, so that is a subject I’m very interested in.  And, I’m a retired Special Education Teacher.  Anything that can help people who are dyslexic is something I want to know more about.

I actually just wound up writing a review of a series of books one of my favorite author’s writes and, actually a review of her.  It is called Terri Reid, Author.  I am a reader.  When I was in college, I took a course in speed reading which made it easier to get through all the necessary reading to pass the courses.  However, it also means that, because one of my favorite hobbies is reading, I go through a tremendous amount of books yearly, weekly, and daily.  I actually read at least one book a day.  So, to find an author who is incredibly interesting, an excellent writer and who is also prolific.  I’m in heaven.

Of course, I’m still promoting my Wine of the month club business.  When you wind down at the end of the day, having a glass of wine is a good thing.  It helps you destress and improves your mood. Being in a good mood helps you sleep better and your next day just goes better.

And, I’m becoming much more knowledgeable about crypto-currency.  I have written quite a few articles about it in the Category: Blockchain Evolution. I plan on putting several more information and educational articles into this category.  

So, keep a look out for what is happening on this site.  I promise to make it as up-to-date and interesting as I can.  I want everyone to feel good about visiting my site.


Fall is sweater weather

Fall iis sweater weather

Fall is Sweater Weather

which is perfect with a glass of wine

Fall is sweater weather. The leaves turn and my kids and I used to jump in piles of them.   That is one of my favorite memories of times when my children were young.  We would all bundle up in sweaters and mittens (to make sure no creepy crawly things got under their sleeves) and rake those leaves up and do it over and over.   The weather gets cozy down here in California about now,  and I can bring out my sweaters. Fall is definitely sweater weather for those in the East at this time of year.  And, in Washington and Portland, the sweaters are already out and being worn.

Isn’t that a beautiful picture.  It reminds me of the path back East, where my Aunt lives.  It was so beautiful going to her house.  At this time of the year, I picture she and her husband cozying up by the fire with a glass of wine, looking out the window and watching the leaves fall. And she is wearing a sweater because it gets cold there.

Let’s talk about Wine

My most recent wine shipment had a really interesting mix of Syrah, Tempranillo, Grenache and Monastrell (also known in France as Mourvedre)  This blend of red wines is from Yakima Valley vineyards and is good with roasted chicken and grilled pork loin. (If you are looking for what to pair it with.) This is Washington state where they wear sweaters pretty much all year long.  I lived there for three years and never took sweaters off.

The second type of wine, because I get two red and two white, is from Sicily.  Since Greek and Roman times, Sicily has been home to more vineyard land than any other region of Italy.  This is a 2016 Inzolia IGP Terre Siciliane.  It is perfect for seafood, white meats, and salads or simply to enjoy by itself.

Several months ago, I received wine from the Napa Valley region.  I was just speaking to someone the other day and he said he thought it would take at least five years for that region to recover.  Maybe I will save those four bottles for an Anniversary event or give to one of my grandchildren at their wedding.

That is one of the neatest things about having wine.  It is a perfect gift, both to bring when you go to someone’s house, or to celebrate something special.

Wine information

Right now, more wine is sold around the world than beer.  Probably because it is so good for you.  You don’t get a beer gut.  And, in France, where a lot of wine is partaken, you don’t even get heart disease at the rate we do when we drink diet pepsi, or beer.  It is a proven fact, that wine relaxes the body so it stays healthier all over.  Isn’t that neat.

Come home, sit down to a nice dinner with a wine from your shipment.  Learning all about it while you partake of a perfect dinner which is just the way you want to wind down the day.  Afterwards, sitting and reading or talking with another is so calming when you have a glass a wine at your fingertips, and if you’re not in a sweater, maybe a nice snuggly wrap at your feet.




OctoberOctober is an interesting month. It is the beginning of Fall and the weather generally gets more livable.  And, as you can see from the picture, we also have some really interesting holidays.

Special Holidays

My church has a Harvest Festival on October 31st, and I always work the registration tables. Many churches and schools do that now, so the children going trick or treating will be in a safe place and their parents won’t worry.

I love seeing the kids in their costumes. Some of them are so elaborate. You know their parents spent hours working on their costume. My mom was big on gypsy girls. We got to wear her skirts and make up, with lots of scarves.  Now, I tend to wear all black, with a black nose and whiskers and little cat ears, and sit on my cat tail.  I love cats and they are always in style.

Then there is the  dia de los Muertos, which begins on Tuesday, October 31st and ends on Thursday, November 2nd. This is a day where people in Mexico and of Mexican descent, celebrate with the creation of altars to remember the dead and eat the traditional day of the dead’s food.  The food includes pan de muerto, sugar skulls, which are also used as offerings for the altars, tamales, and Champurrado, which is thick hot chocolate, and moles.

This day has been around for eons

The day is actually often misunderstood.  It was originally celebrated around the end of summer, generally understood to be based on the end of the farming season. This was originally a harvest celebration for the Aztecs.

However, Spanish conquistadors bringing Catholic influence to Latin America combined the holiday with All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day. All Saints’ Day is a call to live as saints.  All Souls’ Day, people pray for the souls of their dead.

Thus, October is a month of a lot of changes in season, holidays and a celebration of the end of the growing season.  This is just the beginning of our holiday season, with Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December.

I’ve noted some Halloween neat decorations in my Home and Garden Category.  I have always loved to decorate seasonally.  I will change things up again in November.

Newest Offering

Now, since we are in the holiday and event season, I also must note a new offering in my Entertainment Category.  It is called United Games and is simply the newest mobile gaming app available.  It will let you interact with everything, NFL, MLB and the NBA.  There is even Soccer in the near future, if it’s not already here.  This is an interactive gaming app.  This type of interaction is so popular that it is now known as eSports and has over 71 million people watching worldwide. We know that the gaming season is just beginning.

And, let’s not forget that we celebrate every event with a fine glass of wine from Direct Cellars, where we bring world class wine to your door.