New Year’s Resolutions

I always havNew Year's Resolutionse New Year’s Resolutions.  I even write them down, so that I can look back.  They are in the front of  a yearly journal.  And I journal over the year about all the things I am doing that are completing my New Year’s Resolutions as well as what is going on in my life.  It is really fun, for me, reading about what I wanted to do each year.  There is really no better way to determine how you are doing in becoming wiser and more knowledgeable about your emotional growth.

New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Last year, I decided to downsize and declutter.  I read a book on it and actually wrote a couple of blogs about that book.  They are located in the Category: Toni’s Thoughts on Lots of Things.

I also looked into information about Alzheimer’s and how to tell if you have it.  I looked into this because I had a lot of experience in my background with Alzheimers, and because several friends were diagnosed with this so dreadful disease.

Another article I wrote was about the flu.  Again, it was due to many friends having it and  noting how it differs depending on what age group you are in.  All of these articles are in that category: Toni’s Thoughts on Lots of Things.  I also wrote other articles, but these are the ones that I liked the most.

My most Recent Article

Just last week, I wrote and article on Scams because I had gotten caught in two that I knew of.  And, had bought into many more schemes that didn’t actually do what they said they would.  Thank goodness, I was lucky enough to find  (I put that in Green because I make green money from this site.)

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

This year, one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to look into the aspect of growing older.  I’m all about being proactive in this life.  I want to learn what I can do to facilitate growing better as I age.

I’m already bought a book about Neuroplasticity because it says that it offers real hope for people that are dyslexics and stroke victims. One of my very good friends had a stroke in November, so that is a subject I’m very interested in.  And, I’m a retired Special Education Teacher.  Anything that can help people who are dyslexic is something I want to know more about.

I actually just wound up writing a review of a series of books one of my favorite author’s writes and, actually a review of her.  It is called Terri Reid, Author.  I am a reader.  When I was in college, I took a course in speed reading which made it easier to get through all the necessary reading to pass the courses.  However, it also means that, because one of my favorite hobbies is reading, I go through a tremendous amount of books yearly, weekly, and daily.  I actually read at least one book a day.  So, to find an author who is incredibly interesting, an excellent writer and who is also prolific.  I’m in heaven.

Of course, I’m still promoting my Wine of the month club business.  When you wind down at the end of the day, having a glass of wine is a good thing.  It helps you destress and improves your mood. Being in a good mood helps you sleep better and your next day just goes better.

And, I’m becoming much more knowledgeable about crypto-currency.  I have written quite a few articles about it in the Category: Blockchain Evolution. I plan on putting several more information and educational articles into this category.  

So, keep a look out for what is happening on this site.  I promise to make it as up-to-date and interesting as I can.  I want everyone to feel good about visiting my site.


Some Interesting Holiday Products Available

Some interesting Holiday GiftsHoliday Gift Products are already on the shelves.  They completely missed Thanksgiving and went from Halloween to Christmas.  The Holidays are here already  and you want your gifts to be those that everyone remembers.  Holiday gift giving has become an art.  You want to give  the perfect gift for everyone in your family, your friendship circles, even your office mates.  You want them to be memorable and unusual and interesting

Interesting and Unusual Holiday Gift Products are here

Well, here are some that are not the usual, and some are even only available at this site. For example, this  company has Artisan Gift Soap Products that our company is their only marketer.  They use natural essential oils and leave all the good ingredients in so that your face, hands and body are bathed in replenishing moisture.  They even have a 15% off discount offer which I have on my Artisan Gift Soap Page, with free shipping for orders over $25.  Last night I bought my Christmas gifts for those I love who live far away, and three gifts for my best friends.  With that 15% off, my Christmas is all taken care of and I saved money in the bargain.

Amazon Special Happening

Also, there is a special going on with our home products.  The Cloud Cam is on sale and you need to see how much safer your home will be with this security camera.

Another unusual gift for the more outdoors types of friends that you have is the Conceal Carry holster that handles a unusually broad number  of hand guns that is unrivaled in the holster industry.  There are many states that have concealed carry permits available to people other than policeman.  And this holster is very good at concealing a gun.

Of course, there is always the wonder Wine of the Month Club that, this holiday season is the perfect time to let your neighbors know how much you appreciate them.  When I lived in Santa Rosa, a hostess gift was always a bottle of wine.  Well, that is still true.   Check out their page.

 Special offer You won’t want to miss this.
It is a wonderful special offer!

And another gift that is unusual and will be used forever by your favorite sports fanatics friends and family.  This company has all the interactive games your special people would love.  Interactive gaming is practiced by millions of interest sports fans and this gift will make them very happy.


Fall is sweater weather

Fall iis sweater weather

Fall is Sweater Weather

which is perfect with a glass of wine

Fall is sweater weather. The leaves turn and my kids and I used to jump in piles of them.   That is one of my favorite memories of times when my children were young.  We would all bundle up in sweaters and mittens (to make sure no creepy crawly things got under their sleeves) and rake those leaves up and do it over and over.   The weather gets cozy down here in California about now,  and I can bring out my sweaters. Fall is definitely sweater weather for those in the East at this time of year.  And, in Washington and Portland, the sweaters are already out and being worn.

Isn’t that a beautiful picture.  It reminds me of the path back East, where my Aunt lives.  It was so beautiful going to her house.  At this time of the year, I picture she and her husband cozying up by the fire with a glass of wine, looking out the window and watching the leaves fall. And she is wearing a sweater because it gets cold there.

Let’s talk about Wine

My most recent wine shipment had a really interesting mix of Syrah, Tempranillo, Grenache and Monastrell (also known in France as Mourvedre)  This blend of red wines is from Yakima Valley vineyards and is good with roasted chicken and grilled pork loin. (If you are looking for what to pair it with.) This is Washington state where they wear sweaters pretty much all year long.  I lived there for three years and never took sweaters off.

The second type of wine, because I get two red and two white, is from Sicily.  Since Greek and Roman times, Sicily has been home to more vineyard land than any other region of Italy.  This is a 2016 Inzolia IGP Terre Siciliane.  It is perfect for seafood, white meats, and salads or simply to enjoy by itself.

Several months ago, I received wine from the Napa Valley region.  I was just speaking to someone the other day and he said he thought it would take at least five years for that region to recover.  Maybe I will save those four bottles for an Anniversary event or give to one of my grandchildren at their wedding.

That is one of the neatest things about having wine.  It is a perfect gift, both to bring when you go to someone’s house, or to celebrate something special.

Wine information

Right now, more wine is sold around the world than beer.  Probably because it is so good for you.  You don’t get a beer gut.  And, in France, where a lot of wine is partaken, you don’t even get heart disease at the rate we do when we drink diet pepsi, or beer.  It is a proven fact, that wine relaxes the body so it stays healthier all over.  Isn’t that neat.

Come home, sit down to a nice dinner with a wine from your shipment.  Learning all about it while you partake of a perfect dinner which is just the way you want to wind down the day.  Afterwards, sitting and reading or talking with another is so calming when you have a glass a wine at your fingertips, and if you’re not in a sweater, maybe a nice snuggly wrap at your feet.




OctoberOctober is an interesting month. It is the beginning of Fall and the weather generally gets more livable.  And, as you can see from the picture, we also have some really interesting holidays.

Special Holidays

My church has a Harvest Festival on October 31st, and I always work the registration tables. Many churches and schools do that now, so the children going trick or treating will be in a safe place and their parents won’t worry.

I love seeing the kids in their costumes. Some of them are so elaborate. You know their parents spent hours working on their costume. My mom was big on gypsy girls. We got to wear her skirts and make up, with lots of scarves.  Now, I tend to wear all black, with a black nose and whiskers and little cat ears, and sit on my cat tail.  I love cats and they are always in style.

Then there is the  dia de los Muertos, which begins on Tuesday, October 31st and ends on Thursday, November 2nd. This is a day where people in Mexico and of Mexican descent, celebrate with the creation of altars to remember the dead and eat the traditional day of the dead’s food.  The food includes pan de muerto, sugar skulls, which are also used as offerings for the altars, tamales, and Champurrado, which is thick hot chocolate, and moles.

This day has been around for eons

The day is actually often misunderstood.  It was originally celebrated around the end of summer, generally understood to be based on the end of the farming season. This was originally a harvest celebration for the Aztecs.

However, Spanish conquistadors bringing Catholic influence to Latin America combined the holiday with All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day. All Saints’ Day is a call to live as saints.  All Souls’ Day, people pray for the souls of their dead.

Thus, October is a month of a lot of changes in season, holidays and a celebration of the end of the growing season.  This is just the beginning of our holiday season, with Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December.

I’ve noted some Halloween neat decorations in my Home and Garden Category.  I have always loved to decorate seasonally.  I will change things up again in November.

Newest Offering

Now, since we are in the holiday and event season, I also must note a new offering in my Entertainment Category.  It is called United Games and is simply the newest mobile gaming app available.  It will let you interact with everything, NFL, MLB and the NBA.  There is even Soccer in the near future, if it’s not already here.  This is an interactive gaming app.  This type of interaction is so popular that it is now known as eSports and has over 71 million people watching worldwide. We know that the gaming season is just beginning.

And, let’s not forget that we celebrate every event with a fine glass of wine from Direct Cellars, where we bring world class wine to your door.