Why Not Fly Free

Why Not Fly Free?

Eric told me he and his wife haven’t been on a vacation together for more than 4 years. Over a cup of coffee, he was explaining, or should I say making excuses, why he couldn’t take his wife on a romantic holiday.  Why Not Fly Free, I asked him?

I told him that I had put together a easy to read book showing all the easy ways to travel that many people do not know about.  Things like getting upgrades when you want to travel in a more comfortable space, or other strategies that I have spent years learning and now have them all in one volume available to you as well as Eric.

This Guide Tells all

Now, you also have access to the same secrets, tricks and strategies I use to get from my book entitled, Why Not Fly Free. Eric’s situation made me angry because I know and practice little known secrets how to travel, take vacations and get airline tickets for practically nothing, almost free!

Imagine how happy you’ll feel when you save hundreds, perhaps even thousands, on your next trip or vacation? It’s up to you to make it happen.  Why Not Fly Free is a smart way to start. CHECK IT OUT HERE

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Travel Agent tells his secrets

This man has been beating the airlines at their own game for more than 15 years, flying almost free 98% of the time.You can use the same strategy that he used to get 63 free airline tickets over the last 15 years.

Even though the price of airline tickets have gone up and then up again, because of skyrocketing fuel prices and increased costs of airport security, there’s still a way you can beat the system’s high prices.

Why not fly free

                  This man is experienced

The author’s name is David Tinney and he owns a travel agency in the midwest United States. His specialty is selling discount international airline tickets. He has written a guide that shows how you can travel practically free to just about anywhere in the world.

That’s right, after more than 20 years in the travel industry, He is giving up all of his secrets and the little tricks he has learned and is using himself.  But you don’t have to own a travel agency, like he does for this to work. You are learning the strategies to make it happen in this guide. His guide teaches you how to turn expenses into free travel…including:

   Learning: secrets the airlines DON’T want you to know

   Learning how it is possible for your kids to free

   Learning strategy he uses to get free airline tickets

   Learning tricks to saving up to 70% on First or Business Class

   Learning to fly anywhere in the world, only paying the ticket’s tax

   Learning tips on taking your vacation free, including airline tickets and hotel

   Learning the truth about last minute airfares

He tells it like it is.  

He separates the fact from the fiction. He is  amazed at how uninformed the public is about how the airline industry works and thinks. The simple fact is, we’ve been duped by the slick advertising campaigns the airlines are pitching to us.

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