Artisan Gift Soap Products

We use natural pure essential oils for their wonderful fragrance and their healing properties.  Many other companies take out glycerin and use it for other products, but that leaves your skin drier than it was before.  We leave the essential plant based oils in and hand mix them before forming them into a lovely Sculptured piece of art.

Beautifully Artistic Gifts for your family  We Artisan Gift Soapenjoy making beautiful products that you can be proud to give to your friends and family.  Each soap,for example, is beautiful as well as being delicious on your skin.  They use completely natural essential nutrients and luscious moisturizing agents, so your gift is not only beautiful, it is good for you.   This company is very into promoting a green planet and creating unique artistic designs.

Natural Body Care Products

Besides soap, they also have other products that are so incredibly different than other companies, like their Cane Sugar Whips:

The quality of these products is unique.  They hand make them, using old fashioned craftsmanship which makes sure an actual person is overseeing the entire process.  (This company actually hires people instead of high tech software.)  Those people make sure that every ingredient is added in its proper order and just the right amount and then hand poured into its artistic design.

 Other companies take out the essential oils leaving maybe one, so they can   advertise the product as having that.  This company not only leaves the   naturally occurring glycerin in but they also carefullycalculate the amount of   each of the olive, coconut, and  rice bran oils used in the soap to give you a   moisture rich lather that leaves a lotion-like nourishment when finished bathing.
Gift Soap
They only use the best ingredients and test, test, test to make sure that their   product meets their very high expectations.  With all this in mind, your can’t do   any better than this company for your gift giving through out the year to your   friends, family, office mates, hostess gifts and any time you want to impress someone with a unique gift.  Notice how they have Bamboo bags that you can put the soap in, so it gently exfoliates while it replenishes.
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