Blog Writer’s Bootcamp

Blog Writer’s Bootcamp

Blog Writing is one of the most recent changes in fiction or nonfiction writing. Dancing with the Stars had a well known Blog writer as one of its celebrity dance contenders.  Blog writing something that, again, needs to be learned.

Blog Writing

You’ll be amazed how adopting my new style of writing will make people instantly stand up and take notice of your work. It’s worked wonders for me and other top bloggers… Now I’m sharing it with you, so you can build the successful online presence you’ve been dreaming of!

Mary Jaksch


I’m Mary Jaksch. I’m a published author, and the creator of Write to Done, one of the biggest writing blogs online.

During my blogging career I’ve watched many worthy writers fail because they didn’t know how to grab attention and keep it. Even though they might have been talented writers in one way or another, they didn’t know how to write like a top blogger.

Recently, I decided that I’m not willing to watch that happen again to even one more deserving writer. I decided that I would document and teach exactly how to write like a top blogger.

Some of the skills you will learn

Try Blog Writer’s Bootcamp if you want to get more specific writing for a blog skills mastery.

You can make small changes that will bring you much more attention in the Blog Writer’s market and this author has the experience and motivation to help you with that.  She teaches how, just adding two words to your headlines can increase click rates significantly.

She also teaches how changing just the length of a paragraph can realize immediate improvement in your bounce rate.  There are certain ways to write subheadings that keep readers on the page much longer.  This gives you a lot more people subscribing to your blog.

Learn at your own pace. As you become better at these techniques, you can start writing with more authority on any subject.  You are suddenly, more readable and more interesting to your readers.  In Module five, she teaches you how to take your writing from plain old ‘oatmeal’ to ‘spicy curry’ which is so much more interesting.