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Fiction is something we all can use in our life. I like to both read it and write it.  I started writing Fiction books when my grandchildren were born.  Now, I am attempting to get some of it published in eBook form.

BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS   It has books, audio books, every kind of reading material that is available from anywhere. This site is the ONE that has everything!

If you are interested in writing fiction and getting published on the internet, there is an excellent company called ULTIMATE eBOOK CREATOR which teaches you how to format your book into an acceptable way for Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Another style of writing is Blog Writing and that takes a particular set of skills that are different than just writing for a reader of a regular book, whether it be fiction or nonfiction.  I found a company that specializes in training people how to be super successful in this style of writing. That company is Blog Writer’s Bootcamp. Check this lady out.  She writes a very successful blog and wants to teach others how to do this.

Maybe you just want to add storytelling to your skills.  I had to go to a workshop to learn this skill when I was teaching students. Yes, I am a retired teacher.  However, I found this neat company which can teach you How to Tell a Great Story by learning from an online source.  This would have saved me a lot of time and money.

Word Press Beginner GuideThis is a collection of books, some free and some not, that deal with word press and how to use it successfully. 

These next informational sites are ones that I use all the time, and I’m letting you know how I keep my book buying habit down to manageable limits.

Just to top this fiction category off for those people who are looking for more inexpensive ways to read fiction.  I want to help those  people who need large print or find it hard to go to the library all the time to keep up with their book reading habit.

A Kindle reader is the way to go if you like to read.  I got my first one and went wild.  I started out by buying every book that my library didn’t carry from my favorite authors.  That was really expensive!  So, I’m letting you into my little secret, which a lot of people know, because Amazon is well known. Using the following ways of getting around paying a lot for my fiction, I have saved myself about $500.00 a month and I still read at least one or two books a day, yet only spend around $12 a month.

Bookbub.comI put in the genres I read and Bookbub sends me free or low price book selections every day. I just look in my email.  I generally only get the free and there are plenty of those.  Plus, I’ve discovered a lot of new authors this way.

Amazon – I am a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, which is $9.99 a month and has a bunch of  Free Amazon Books.  There are at least a thousand of these available and more added every day. I have a kindle that has 3000 books on it and most of them are Kindle Unlimited.  I have found so many new authors on this.  It not only saves me money, it introduces me to new, and in most cases, wonderful authors.

The free Overdrive App is something I learned about last December. I added it to my phone. Then went to the County Public Library and had the Reference person teach me how to get an online library card.  I say County, because some cities have online books in their own libraries. But County libraries have books from all the cities in that County.  Overdrive works through Amazon. So, it is an Amazon service, because I return my books through the Manage My Content and Devices part of my Amazon Account.

With these four free or very low priced methods, my credit card bills were slashed and I still can read as much as I want to every day.

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