California Organic Shop

The California Organic Shop sells essential oils, aromatherapy products, holistic health and green cleaning products.  They also carry hemp products, yoga books and anything that pertains to organic and/or holistic health.  This shop has over 20,000 items and is very low priced compared to the more specialty stores which carry this type of merchandise.  They also have books on Pure and Natural foods to make for Baby and Toddler, as well as books on Reike, Yoga, Chakras, Ethnic Cookbooks, even the High Times Recipe Books using Cannabis.  One book I particularly like is:

The Smart Palate: Delicious Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Selected Products as Examples

The California Organic Shop has EO products for the skin which are organic and non-GMO.  For example:

Made With Rich Ingredients and Essential Oils to Nourish and Hydrate the Skin Without Harmful Chemicals. It is compounded with anti-aging, conditioning, softening and toning ingredients. These indulgent body serums are 100% organic and non-GMO —  and are one of the first on the market. Genetics, along with hormonal and environmental factors, affect the look and feel of skin on a daily basis, especially as we age.
The concentrated ingredients in the serums are designed to quickly soften and make your skin more luminous and healthy. EO products are made with pure essential oils which are indulgent to the senses and are naturally aromatherapeutic. “We’ve been making essential oil based personal care products for twenty years and have built upon everything we’ve learned to create these serums.” said Susan Griffin-Black Founder and Co-CEO of Small World Trading Company. “These are complex formulations that noticeably transform skin and we’re incredibly excited to bring them to market.”
The serums feature sustainably harvested plant oils, with pure essential oils, which are expertly blended for their restorative and transformative effects. They can be applied at night or worn during the day since they soak into skin quickly — and each one has its own indulgent scent. This light, revitalizing body serum is formulated for most skin types and is perfect for everyday use. It adds instant smoothness and suppleness to the skin.
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An Example of the Cleaning Products 

They also carry green cleaning products like the following:
Earth Friendly Ecos Ultra 2x All Natural Laundry Detergent - Free and Clear - 100 fl oz
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There are many other ECOS Brand cleaning products, as well as Mrs. Meyers organic cleaning products.
Also, they carry organic and healthy Pet Products which are for dogs and cats, which covers such items as Oatmeal Shampoo with Aloe, Joint and Shiny Coat products, and a variety (actually, quiet a variety) of dog outfits as well as cat treats and gifts.