New Year’s Resolutions

I always have New Year’s Resolutions.  I even write them down, so that I can look back.  They are in the front of  a yearly journal.  And I journal over the year about all the things I am doing that are completing my New Year’s Resolutions as well as what is going on in my life.  […]

Some Interesting Holiday Products Available

Holiday Gift Products are already on the shelves.  They completely missed Thanksgiving and went from Halloween to Christmas.  The Holidays are here already  and you want your gifts to be those that everyone remembers.  Holiday gift giving has become an art.  You want to give  the perfect gift for everyone in your family, your friendship circles, even your […]

Fall is sweater weather

Fall is Sweater Weather which is perfect with a glass of wine Fall is sweater weather. The leaves turn and my kids and I used to jump in piles of them.   That is one of my favorite memories of times when my children were young.  We would all bundle up in sweaters and mittens (to make […]


October is an interesting month. It is the beginning of Fall and the weather generally gets more livable.  And, as you can see from the picture, we also have some really interesting holidays. Special Holidays My church has a Harvest Festival on October 31st, and I always work the registration tables. Many churches and schools […]