I like to collect anything that has to do with cats.  My friends always know what to buy when any birthday comes around.  Another friend of mine collects, coins, stamps, shells, and art.  She is easy to buy for also.

What you like to collect says a lot about your personality. Are you into sports? You might collect sports paraphernalia, and wear your sport’s team shirt and hat at every game.  Or, you might have started a doll collection when you were a child and kept up the interest when you grew up.  I have a friend who sold thousands of dollars worth of dolls that he mother had collected.  She just kept the ones that were particularly important to her.  Her mother had, through her lifetime, collected what she enjoyed and her inheritance was passed on to her daughter.

I have another friend who collected dolls, movie ephemera (that includes posters, tickets and theater ad posters) about old movies and is now getting ready to sell the very valuable collection on eBay.  She is planning on moving into smaller quarters and can use the extra money to update her older home and make it more valuable.  She will take her favorites and sell the rest.

Thus, ones interests in life are fodder for interesting conversations, meeting people of like interests, and enjoying their value at your retirement.  See what you can find in  collectibles

Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 2018 Paperback – September 19, 2017

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