Different Drop Shipping Businesses

I have an interest in various drop shipping businesses.  I looked for drop shipping businesses that related to my interests and bought two that happened to peak my interest.  If I had known about Link Post Blogging before I bought these.  I wouldn’t have.  But, I didn’t, so I thought I would promote them from this venue. 


I also am very interested in organic, healthy products.  If you read my article on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease aka COPD, you will understand why a health related store would interest Different Drop Shipping Businessesme.

It has some hemp products, some really great books on things like Yoga and Kitchen essentials for healthy cooking.  Thus, I came across the californiaOrganicShop.com and bought that site. 

When I decided to become a Business Owner

When I started setting up to become a business owner, I looked for deals.  After all, making money is all about being smart in the small things, right?  So, when National Wireless Partners called me, I was very interested in their concept.  They would look to see what promotion or contract your phone service was on and see if they could find a better promotion.  They would then, working with Verizon and Sprint, come up with a better package, saving from 33% to 50% on the phone service you were on.
I thought it was a great idea and signed up with that also.  (Again, remember I didn’t know about Link Post Blogging at that time.)
This page is sort of a composite of businesses I looked at and spent money on.  As is obvious, I’m much more interested in being a blogger because it is just more fun and allows for so much creativity.  I’ve even written a book and put it on this site.  It is called Vengeance is Mine and is found on my Thank You letter in my compilation of articles called Toni’s Thoughts on Things.
You will note that I have a place for you to sign up for updates on the items I promote.  We are really getting ahead of the trends this year, so I suggest you sign up.  I don’t send out a lot of updated product info, but when I do, you can be sure it is something special.