Review Downsizing The Family Home Part 3

This article, “Review Downsizing the Family Home Part 3”, is from a book by Marni Jameson. I have written two other articles as a review of Downsizing the Family Home, so this one finishes it off.

Downsizing, Decluttering and How to see if you have become a Hoarder are the points that I want to make in this third of three blogs about this large, but quite interesting book.

How to get rid of clutter and not become a hoarder

Downsizing  needs to happen when a home becomes too much to keep up.  It is kind of hard to notice when it happens, but you don’t keep the house dusted and vacuumed like you used to.  And, you start to worry about standing on ladders or getting up from cleaning out the lower kitchen cabinets.

This may be something that your kids notice.  I remember when I realized that my best friend wasn’t able to see well enough to notice she had spots on the front of her clothes and her house had way too many things left out on the counters and side tables.  Her kids lived far away and she was sharp and funny and active with friends, but her house work was really messy. However, she didn’t notice.

I also have a friend who is a hoarder.  She has narrow walkways with stuff on either side in boxes.  It doesn’t really matter what room the stuff belongs to, it just matters that she saves it, whether it is wrapping tissue,paper or bags, she saves them all. She even has a whole set of cookware and she doesn’t cook anything and hasn’t in years.

When I was cleaning out a drawer to change its use, I found 54 cute little writing pads.  I had accumulated them over 20 plus years of friend gifts, cute pads, even a whole year of seasonal month refrigerator pads.  I’m giving all but two away.  If I run out of those.  I will buy more.  Right now they are taking up space I need for other things. That is the attitude I had to relearn.

I have another friend that just recently realized that her house was costing her too much money in repair bills.  This can also happen. The house can be big enough and fairly clutter free, but the termites, dry rot, new roof, new pipes, new shower and the need of new carpeting made her realize that she needed to Downsize the Family Home to keep her retirement comfortable and not use it all in repair bills.

What to Save and What to Let Go

We have come to the part that is probably what I where I will be spending the most effort.  I have already torn down a back room that was leading.  I put up a shed for the few things that I kept.

If you are just cluttered and disorganized enough to not be able to find things, a thorough going through stuff will be all you need.  That means deciding what you absolutely have to keep and giving away or selling the rest.  That sounds easy.  That is what I wrote about in the first two blogs on this subject. You can have Estate or Garage Sales or sell through Craig’s list.  Look at those first two blogs because there are some very important things you need to do to keep yourself safe.

However, what if you have become, thru age and infirmity, unable to do more than decide what you want to keep. If you can, utilize family.

My mom and dad had us kids just show them stuff and they decided what to keep and we priced and set up the garage sale.  At that time, they were going to stay in their house.  We all went over the pictures and they gave us everything with our faces in it.  That was fun and a good family time.

Then they decided to move to a Independent Living facility and had an Estate Sale, after deciding what they needed in their new home. That was kind of hard on mom.  She had to watch her friends buying at a very low price, all the lovely serving things she had accumulated over the years.  I recommend that you don’t stay in the house and watch people pick over your items.  It can be hurtful, and emotionally draining.

Downsizing Up

This is a wonderful phrase that Marni Jameson describes as “living better with less stuff in less space’.  This keeps your home and the ability to care for it in a manageable space.

I moved a lot as a child and young adult.  Since I moved so much I naturally threw things I didn’t need away about every two and a half years.  Since I retired, I have lived in this house for twelve years and noticed at about the third year that my New Years Resolutions always said something to the effect of Clean up and Clean out.  My busy life made that easy to put off.  Now I feel overwhelmed with the part of getting rid of the stuff I don’t absolutely need.

My sorting for keeping is fairly easy. I’m really tired of a lot of clutter.Thus I am very motivated. Marni notes that there are companies who will do the rest.  They will even sell everything in the broom closet that you don’t want.

MaxSold is the name of one of the companies she mentions.  They come in after you have decided what you want and they will sort, bundle and sell everything else and give you a large percentage of what they bring in.  Because, after all, they are the sellers, but they need the stuff to sell. She mentions several other companies in her book.  I really recommend it by the way.  There is a ton that I haven’t mentioned, but I thought of so many people who don’t want to have to read a whole book to get the nuggets they need, and this blog is the result.

I have other nuggets of information on my Online Shopping Mall site. I even have a category for Saving Money on your Bills where you can find out how to save 33 to 50% on one of your necessary bills. My site is and I have a lot of ways to save money, save time and enjoy my life a little more.  Come visit me and see what else I have found.