Facelift Without Surgery


A Facelift Without Surgery?

Why would you want to get a facelift in the first place?  Aren’t men or even women intelligent enough to understand that with age, comes wisdom?  You might be in a career that equates looks with the ability to get a job.  Or, your current boyfriend, husband, or flame of the week is looking around at younger possibilities for a partner.  Those, actually might be good reasons.  However, do you have the money?  Do you have the time? Can you live with less than expected results?

Cosmetic surgery is heavy on the wallet. It could cost a minimum of $10,000 to have a proper facelift, and payment is usually required in advance as its not covered by medical insurance

Acupressure non-surgical facelifts are free of charge. No knife, no surgeon.

Facelift surgery doesn’t restore color and improve skin tone.

The Facelift Without Surgery program teaches oriental face gymnastics regimens that restore color, tone, youth, and beauty to the face and neck. Stimulating the underlying tissue and muscles of the face and neck is the secret to shedding years off one’s looks!

Plastic surgery doesn’t treat the CAUSE of sagging skin and wrinkles, which is due to poor blood circulation and weak underlying tissue.

The facial toning regimens demonstrated in the program plump up the underlying tissue, increase the blood circulation in the face and neck, open the energy points between the head, face, neck, and body and tighten the skin.

Facelift surgery can adversely change the character of the face. Some people have that surprised look if the forehead or cheek skin has been surgically pulled too taut!

Facial aerobics workouts enhance the natural radiant glow to your face. It looks perfectly organic, and does not
have that pulled look in places.

Cosmetic surgery will not make a person look chronologically younger. You will not appear to be younger over a period of time, unless the surgery is conducted in stages.

Facelift exercises will make you appear younger over a period time. Proper anti-aging is an ongoing process that takes at least 30 days to perform.  People that have not seen you for a month will say, what happened?  Where did you go?  You look so much younger, and you do!

Facelift surgery does not eliminate stress and poor circulation. The energy points and channels will remain neglected and not functioning at their optimum. This means you face will look old again.

Facelift Without Surgery is the only true facial exercise program that treats stress, poor circulation, restores and channels energy and blood to the face and neck, and regenerates cell growth in the places where it matters.