Fall is sweater weather

Fall iis sweater weather

Fall is Sweater Weather

which is perfect with a glass of wine

Fall is sweater weather. The leaves turn and my kids and I used to jump in piles of them.   That is one of my favorite memories of times when my children were young.  We would all bundle up in sweaters and mittens (to make sure no creepy crawly things got under their sleeves) and rake those leaves up and do it over and over.   The weather gets cozy down here in California about now,  and I can bring out my sweaters. Fall is definitely sweater weather for those in the East at this time of year.  And, in Washington and Portland, the sweaters are already out and being worn.

Isn’t that a beautiful picture.  It reminds me of the path back East, where my Aunt lives.  It was so beautiful going to her house.  At this time of the year, I picture she and her husband cozying up by the fire with a glass of wine, looking out the window and watching the leaves fall. And she is wearing a sweater because it gets cold there.

Let’s talk about Wine

My most recent wine shipment had a really interesting mix of Syrah, Tempranillo, Grenache and Monastrell (also known in France as Mourvedre)  This blend of red wines is from Yakima Valley vineyards and is good with roasted chicken and grilled pork loin. (If you are looking for what to pair it with.) This is Washington state where they wear sweaters pretty much all year long.  I lived there for three years and never took sweaters off.

The second type of wine, because I get two red and two white, is from Sicily.  Since Greek and Roman times, Sicily has been home to more vineyard land than any other region of Italy.  This is a 2016 Inzolia IGP Terre Siciliane.  It is perfect for seafood, white meats, and salads or simply to enjoy by itself.

Several months ago, I received wine from the Napa Valley region.  I was just speaking to someone the other day and he said he thought it would take at least five years for that region to recover.  Maybe I will save those four bottles for an Anniversary event or give to one of my grandchildren at their wedding.

That is one of the neatest things about having wine.  It is a perfect gift, both to bring when you go to someone’s house, or to celebrate something special.

Wine information

Right now, more wine is sold around the world than beer.  Probably because it is so good for you.  You don’t get a beer gut.  And, in France, where a lot of wine is partaken, you don’t even get heart disease at the rate we do when we drink diet pepsi, or beer.  It is a proven fact, that wine relaxes the body so it stays healthier all over.  Isn’t that neat.

Come home, sit down to a nice dinner with a wine from your shipment.  Learning all about it while you partake of a perfect dinner which is just the way you want to wind down the day.  Afterwards, sitting and reading or talking with another is so calming when you have a glass a wine at your fingertips, and if you’re not in a sweater, maybe a nice snuggly wrap at your feet.