Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin is available with just one click of your mouse.  How old are you?  That is probably the most important question.  Because, millennials and college students are generally the people who understand things like putting a smart mining app on their PCs and just watching the money come in.

Free Bitcoin

Yes, I am talking crypto currency and the mining of it on your own and others PCs.  You can make a mint.  Just go to this company.

There, you will find an explanation of exactly how your can make money by doing this and how you can easily make 50X your income from one mining app download just by sharing this with your friends.

That is why I asked how old you were.

Many of our older citizens are concerned about computer safety.  And, I understand that completely.  I’m an older citizen who had to have all this crypto currency stuff explained, and explained.  But, when I did understand it.  I jumped in with both feet.

I’m retired and part of the generation that thought the 40, 40, 40 plan worked.  I put in actually 42 years and spent 35 hours a week, and then retired at way less than my 40% of what I was making before I retired.  However, I was smart to retired when I did, because I was working as a teacher in a Juvenile Hall and the County had taken a hit from the State of about $2,000,000 dollars for the second year in a row.  That meant that the Probation Officer were cut from 5 per 80 students to 2 per 80 students in the schools attached to the Halls.

That was completely unsafe and we were having riots every day.  My replacement, who was very experienced with Alternative Ed situations, was hit with a chair on the back of her head and now is totally unable to work.  She had a PhD.  Now, she is disabled.  Because she was in an unsafe workplace.

That is when I started looking around for another job

There isn’t actually much out in the work force for people that are older.  And, truthfully, there is a very unstable situation in the workforce for people getting jobs now.  I was talking with a business owner the other day who had just fired his computer website people and hired new graduates.  From his perspective, he was making a good choice.  More up-to-date graduates at less money.  And, he didn’t have to spend any money for his old employees for continuing education.  He had the best of both worlds.

But, how about those fired employees?  They now had to find jobs that were now entry level for them, unless they had kept up their own continuing education.

Are you going to do that?  

Because, that is beginning to be the norm.  Companies are quite often just out for themselves.  There is no loyalty in their part.  So, the time to give yourself an out, just in case, is now.