Home and Garden

Home and Garden

The first event I wrote about was the January sales, and I showed how shopping in this store could save you huge bucks.   Go here to see them. I also started checking out new Winter Bargains.  And, I came across Smart Home Products that link with Alexa.  

That really interested me, because there were so many I felt I could use in my situation.  I’m older and single, so smart plugs that turn into night lights, smart lights that I don’t have to clap at. (Ha ha)  Smart security systems that work with Alexa, where I could talk to her and have things done without me having to get up.  I really liked that aspect.  So, I am really promoting the Smart products that work with Alexa with this particular link.

EVENTS in ones life

I also realized that Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day and other holidays are coming up, so I went to see what this store had in that area of interest.
There are many items in that category. I found items for every possible event, from Federal Holidays, to Birthday and Anniversaries.  This store has it all.  I don’t know why I would go anywhere else.  I have Prime and everything comes to my door.  I don’t have to drive anywhere.  I don’t have to carry anything.  I love this kind of shopping.


 The reason I looked at this chair is because I sit a lot.  So, I need a really comfortable chair.  I picked this one.
Home and Garden items also had something else I was looking for which will be delivered tomorrow, a hand-held, cordless Black and Decker, lithium battery dust buster which I bought for less than $40.  It will be in tomorrow also.  I looked in the questions about it and found that someone was going to use it for exactly the same reason I am.  I’m cleaning up after my cats who drop litter when they get out of their box.  I have their boxes set up on a behind the couch table, so I don’t have to bend down very much when I am cleaning the litter box.  (The joys of having two wonderful fur persons in ones household.)  Unfortunately, my vacuum is to heavy to lift to clean that small spot, so this will work perfectly, according to the person who answered the question.

So let’s start checking this site out when we need items for the home