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The Learn More, Study Less  video course takes the hardness out of learning.  When I went to college, I had a real problem with memorizing discrete facts.  That challenge had already been present when I was in high school, because I couldn’t memorize the various parts of the body.

Now, I could easily write a paper, easily come up with a concept and answer questions about that concept, but discrete facts just were beyond me.  It made it really hard to be a good partner in Trivial Pursuit.  I needed help.

Learn More, Study Less shows you the right way to memorize.


Research shows that different methods (the kind smart people often use instinctively) can have dramatically different effects—even for normal people like you and me:

  • Using deeper levels of processing allowed students in one study to remember twice as much information, using the same amount of review time.
  • Small differences in how you practice can mean the difference between rapid improvement and staying on a skill plateau forever.
  • Memory can be hacked. A man named, Joshua Foer went from having a mediocre memory to 2005 U.S. Memory Championship winner, able to memorize thousands of items at lighting speed. All using a simple technique I teach in this course.

learn more study less

Don’t wait to become the student you have always want to be.

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After I learned the techniques she used, I went on to college, getting five degrees.  I still was better in concepts, but I was able to ace the tests that I had to take for each degree.

Then, I was able to use those concepts and techniques in my job, which required an incredible amount of attention to detail.  My ability to do that was very important because I worked with Attorneys.  I was a teacher in the juvenile Justice System.