Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes At Home!


Make your favorite restaurant dishes at home

You wish you were inside your favorite restaurant, but, you are not. You are home in your comfy sweats. It is wet and rainy outside. The kids are crabby and crying.  You are exhausted and not ready to go out again.  Yet, your daughter is crying for a burger, just like Wendy’s.  Or, even more disheartening, the love of your life asks for some breadsticks, just like the ones they serve at the “Olive Garden”. What’s a cook to do? Make your favorite restaurant dishes at home.  You will make everyone happy and you won’t even need to use a doggy bag to reheat some of your favorite dishes, like the marvelous salad dressing at Olive Garden.  Or, the wonderful biscuits at the Red Lobster.

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Make your favorite restaurant recipes at home

Make your favorite restaurant dishes at home

Ever Wish You Can Cook Like the Restaurants?

Get Access to recipes from:

-Olive Garden

-Cheesecake Factory

-TGI Friday’a

-PF Chang’s


And More!


The author of these recipes realized that he was spending at least $180 a week taking his family out for dinner , or lunch several times a week.  That didn’t sit well.  He decided to make a concerted effort to find the recipes that these restaurants used.  When he went on google, he found out quickly, that there is a lot of junk out there. In fact, he spent a really long time before he compiled the correct ingredients, cooked in the right way, for the appropriate amount of time and was able to come up with dishes that tasted exactly like the restaurants put out for everyone.

There are actually two books.  I’m promoting the sampler cookbook that is free.  Then, if you buy his first cookbook, at this time, he will throw in the second cookbook for free.  He actually had Chef Tom cook his recipes on TV and made everyone amazed because they couldn’t tell the difference. Try the sampler out and see if you want more.