OctoberOctober is an interesting month. It is the beginning of Fall and the weather generally gets more livable.  And, as you can see from the picture, we also have some really interesting holidays.

Special Holidays

My church has a Harvest Festival on October 31st, and I always work the registration tables. Many churches and schools do that now, so the children going trick or treating will be in a safe place and their parents won’t worry.

I love seeing the kids in their costumes. Some of them are so elaborate. You know their parents spent hours working on their costume. My mom was big on gypsy girls. We got to wear her skirts and make up, with lots of scarves.  Now, I tend to wear all black, with a black nose and whiskers and little cat ears, and sit on my cat tail.  I love cats and they are always in style.

Then there is the  dia de los Muertos, which begins on Tuesday, October 31st and ends on Thursday, November 2nd. This is a day where people in Mexico and of Mexican descent, celebrate with the creation of altars to remember the dead and eat the traditional day of the dead’s food.  The food includes pan de muerto, sugar skulls, which are also used as offerings for the altars, tamales, and Champurrado, which is thick hot chocolate, and moles.

This day has been around for eons

The day is actually often misunderstood.  It was originally celebrated around the end of summer, generally understood to be based on the end of the farming season. This was originally a harvest celebration for the Aztecs.

However, Spanish conquistadors bringing Catholic influence to Latin America combined the holiday with All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day. All Saints’ Day is a call to live as saints.  All Souls’ Day, people pray for the souls of their dead.

Thus, October is a month of a lot of changes in season, holidays and a celebration of the end of the growing season.  This is just the beginning of our holiday season, with Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December.

I’ve noted some Halloween neat decorations in my Home and Garden Category.  I have always loved to decorate seasonally.  I will change things up again in November.

Newest Offering

Now, since we are in the holiday and event season, I also must note a new offering in my Entertainment Category.  It is called United Games and is simply the newest mobile gaming app available.  It will let you interact with everything, NFL, MLB and the NBA.  There is even Soccer in the near future, if it’s not already here.  This is an interactive gaming app.  This type of interaction is so popular that it is now known as eSports and has over 71 million people watching worldwide. We know that the gaming season is just beginning.

And, let’s not forget that we celebrate every event with a fine glass of wine from Direct Cellars, where we bring world class wine to your door.