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Online Clothing for Everyone in your Whole Family

I love online clothing.  It saves me time and energy.  I can get the brands I want in the sizes I want and I don’t have to go anywhere or fight the traffic and parking to go to the stores.  There are just two many people going the same place I am.  So, I turned to online clothing and discovered that I not only saved time, I saved money.

Online Clothing for Everyone in your Whole Family

Online clothing

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I used this picture because that was my favorite example of a Bridesmaid’s dress that I have ever seen.  Think of all the ugly dresses you had to wear to weddings, when this one was available all along.

 The wave of the future is here.

Buying online clothing for your whole family is the newest trend.  Fewer and fewer people go to brick and mortar stores in a mall anymore. Their pricing has to reflect employee costs, lease and/or rental expenses. And, there are the utilities that keep the place open and a myriad of other expenses. Online clothing stores just have to cover the basics: Merchandise and a Computer. Along with a quick delivery service.

It’s far less expensive.

Getting get clothing for everyone in your whole family is now less expensive. I paid $16.50 for an item that was $60 at Penny’s. The big box stores in the malls are closing down. It is all over the news that more people are buying online clothing, than are actively buying at the mall.

The main detraction in buying online clothing is, will it fit?  Well, this challenge has been discussed on Google, I copied that article, and I have brought it to you at the end of this section.  I would have put it right here, but it fits better at the end.
I love to buy for babies. I can’t tell you how many cute little flirty dresses were handed over to other women, because my two girls grew right out of them before I ever found and appropriate place for them to wear them. When I  buy clothes for baby showers or grandchildren, I buy them all  knit pajamas, onesies, pants and tee shirt tops. Everything is washable and at least six months older than their child.

 Baby Showers

Baby showers, I buy six month size. By that time, the new mother will have a lot of three month outfits that have stains, tears and have been washed a hundred times. And she is just plain sick of them. Then, your cute little, new stuff becomes very much appreciated.
Young boys go through a lot of jeans.  I used to buy iron on patches that were interesting colors or prints, because I knew they were going to be needed on those knees.  Once in awhile, I would put the patches on before the jeans were even worn.  And, tee shirts, of course.  Lots of tee shirts in prints that wouldn’t show the stain that wouldn’t come out.
Girls are harder to buy for then anyone else in the whole family.  They have to look just like the girl at school who is the most popular. However she need something that is not in the same color, just the same brand. Here are some of the most popular brands available.

Along with a lot of others, are Disney, Levi’s, Roxy, Puma, Guess, Hello Kitty, Gymboree, and Adidas. Also, there is Carters and all the other brands that also cater to babies.

Boys legs just grow and grow.  They don’t change much around the waist, unless they have been eating unwisely, but they have growth spurts.  And, again, everything has to be the same, but not quite, as the popular kids in school.  When you drop them off at school, or when their friends come over, take a look at what they are wearing and try to buy almost the same thing.

Womens clothes

You know what you want!  You know what makes you look the best!  Do you buy any of these brands?   All you have to do is look at the sizes on your own clothes in that brand, so you make sure you get the right fit. Then check the prices on the brands you like.

Some of the Featured Brands are Guess, Levi’s, Lark&Ro, Calvin Klein, LaCoste, Mango, DKNYC, For all Mankind, Theory, and BCBGMAXAZRIA.  They even carry Spalding, US POLO Assn., Clover Canyon, Hanes, Lee and all kinds of others.  There really isn’t another online store that carries all these brands.

Besides Jeans and tee shirts, you can also shop by name Brands.  Do any of these interest you?
Ted Baker, AJ, Armani Jeans, Gant, Joe’s, Tateossian, for all mankind, Zodiac, Nixon, Gucci, or Ben Sherman.  And there are many, many more available.

How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get a Perfect Fit

I don’t know too many people who love shopping for clothes. I love it. However, the ability to shop for clothes online makes it easy to improve your personal style and even dress better for less. It takes the stress out of clothes buying. It’s a natural action that more and more people want to do.  However, it does come with the stress of possibly having to return whatever you buy, because it doesn’t fit.

Well, we can’t eliminate you ever having to deal with returns or exchanges. But, with a little planning and some smart shopping, we can make sure it’s rare.

Get Some Accurate Measurements for Your Body, and Keep Them Up to Date

The first, is to get proper measurements of yourself. Once you have an idea of your size, beyond “large,” “size 10,” or “42 waist,” you’ll be able shop without fear.

Remember, one company’s size 10 is another company’s size 8. Labels and designers purposefully use “vanity sizes” to confuse customers, and even though the whole point of sizes and inches is to give consumers standards, one company’s 42 inch slacks will fit drastically differently than another’s.

The best way to fight back is to make sure you have your own measurements. Here’s how.

Get a professional to take them for you.

Obviously, the best way to get the most accurate measurements possible is to have someone else take them while you’re standing normally. If you can, head to a clothing store (I know, the whole point here is to shop online and avoid clothing stores, but just this once) and have your measurements properly taken by someone who does it all the time and knows what they’re doing. This is especially important for women and bra sizes—getting properly fitted for a bra is a difficult thing for everyone, and it’s even harder if you’re alone. Visit a lingerie or womenswear store and get a proper bra fitting so you have it in your back pocket.

The alternative to having a pro do it, of course, is to do it yourself.

You have to be careful taking your own measurements—don’t suck in your gut, or try to stand up straighter than you normally do—trying to “optimize” your posture or size will just lead to uncomfortable clothing in the end. Similarly, if you must take your own measurements, get a friend or family member to help out with the hard to accurately reach places, like the inseam for gents, or the bust for ladies.

Special details for Men

You have a couple of areas to pay attention to with men. For pants and slacks, you’ll naturally want your height, waist size, and inseam, but you should also measure your hips and, if you have a more pronounced backside, your “natural hips,” or the width around your pelvis across your seat. Having all of those in-hand will make sure you know what you’re in for when you buy pants and slacks. For shirts, make sure you take your chest size, your sleeve length, and your neck size. Even if you tend not to wear anything on your upper body that isn’t sized in “small/medium/large/xl,” those numbers will be what you need for dress shirts, blazers, and suit coats.

Special Details for Women

You have a few more things to be concerned about when you are measuring for a woman. You’ll want to measure your bust—the fullest part of your chest, and make note of that. You’ll also want to measure your “natural waist,” or the slimmest part of your torso, not necessarily your actual waist where your pants rest. Then go ahead and take your actual waist measurements. It’s not often used in women’s clothing, but it’s good to have.
Women’s clothing usually uses hip measurements most often—or the size around the fullest part of your body at the top of the leg, around and across your seat. You also want your inseam for slacks and pants.
If you plan to wear collared shirts and blouses, take all of the same measurements mentioned above about men, including neck size and sleeve length.
Even if you don’t encounter much clothing that makes note of them, you’ll be happy to have them—along with bust size, you’ll be in good shape to buy a button-down that looks good.

Make Notes On Brands, Retailers, and Designers You’ve Bought Before

Grab a notebook or use your favorite note-taking app to jot down the name of the retailer you shopped with, what you bought (especially if it’s from a specific designer or has a specific cut or style), its size, and how well it fits.

Keeping notes like this for clothes may sound silly, but it’s really important. When you hit on a brand, a cut, or a style that really works for you, you are able to find it again easily. You’ll also always know that a specific brand is cut a certain way and fits you well.

Even Label Sizes can change

Label sizes are not as important anymore. And you’ll know that even though the size chart says you should be a size 14, this company’s size 12 fits you perfectly. While that company requires you to step up to a 16. After a couple of purchases, you’ll have a stable of brands, designers, and cuts that you know always work for you. When you choose to branch out, it won’t be like taking a shot in the dark—you’ll have an informed opinion and be able to make an educated guess as to what you’ll get.

Most of this article by Alan Henry
Now you are ready to buy clothing for you whole family for less expense, less time, less gas, and less running around the mall trying to keep an eye on the kids. And having to force your husband to even come at all.  After all, everyone knows that very few men like shopping.

 So, start shopping now!