Real Estate and Direct Cellars Wine Club are made for each other

Real Estate and Direct Cellars Wine Club are made for each other

I’ve been a Real Estate Agent and I know that referral business is the lifeblood of that business.  When you make a successful sale, you want to keep those happy people referring others to you, right?

What is the best gift you can give to people after a successful sale? A bottle of wine is used quite often. It is personal, because you ask them what kind of wine they like, right?  Then, when they drink it in celebration, maybe when they have everything put away, they think of you and toast you for their beautiful house. In the past, you hoped they would remember you when one of their friends says they are looking to upsize or downsize their living space.

A different gift would give them a really loving feeling toward you every month.  Giving a gift of the Direct Cellars Wine Club for a time, would not only remind them of your help every month, but it would also be a wonderful way to keep in touch.

And, by the way, this method can be used no matter what business you are in. It will work as if it involves people whom you want to remember you. I get emails from all kinds of people who I have worked with in the past.  Most I just dump because their need in my life is past.  One in a hundred I felt like we were friends, so I would remember to refer people to them.

That is what many businesses need to grow.  Real Estate, for example, is a use of referral or network marketing which concludes with a home.  Speciality businesses like, carpet buying, restoration of a home after a disaster (flood, kitchen pipe breaking, vandalism, need if a contractor, whatever). You were there to help and they would remember you for a time.  What if they remembered you as a new friend?  Would that help your referral business?

See if you could incorporate this in your business.