Relationships are really challenging in this world today.  However, this category interests me because I am single.  I’ve been single for way to long and have forgotten the dating scene.  So, I think this will be good information for me.  I hope so.relationships

And because I’m interested, I checked out two different businesses who say they are the best in telling single people what to look for in  relationships, and how to save them when they have become very rocky.

By the way, on my Keep Informed Email Newsletter, I posted a really interesting article on this very subject.

Am I ready to get married? This is an article I wrote about relationships in today’s world.  I think it poses several interesting scenarios that people need to think about.

 What do men want from women:  This company really lays it on the line.  I was kind of shocked atrelationships myself, because this information is very to the point and I had to become aware that I was not living up to what is necessary.  Thankfully, there is a company that will tell it like it truly is.

Save the Marriage  This man, T Dub, seems to have a lock on what makes people stay together.  I’ll admit I really felt a kinship with him when I found out he is a military brat and I do relationshipsunderstand where he is coming from.  One has to learn how to fit in easily and quickly when you move a lot.  And, military brats move way more than other people.  Imagine going to a different school about every two years.  You have just made friends and all of a sudden, you are the new kid, again. So, check this man out.  He knows a few things. 

Understanding Men This video and training says they are going to teach you a easy male psychology trick to have the man that you want, fall for you completely.  And, that you will succeed in having a male in your life that you can trust completely.  Sounds good to me!