Review of

Review of RoryRicord.comI have been retired for the last 12 years.  When I retired, I started looking for an additional income stream, because I’m not stupid.  I knew that the cost of living would continue to go up.  The income that was adequate for living now would not be in the future.  I spent about six thousand dollars on getting dancing lessons to become a certified dance instructor.  I loved that.  However, after about seven years, my legs gave out.  Remember, I’m retired.  So, I was almost 70 when my legs said, uh uh.

What I tried

I just threw away a whole box full of books on How to Make Money through MLM’s, Automatic Plug In Profit systems, Sales, and Referral Based Networking.  Most of them had the word Wealth in the title.

The selling of MLM products was frustrating.  It was a lot of work to find customers and get them their products.  And, they all wanted you to buy a certain amount of products for yourself, each month.

That was true of the several “lose weight” companies that I became part of.  All of the products were good.  I wouldn’t work for a company that had bad products.  The problem was, the products were more expensive than those that could be bought anywhere.  Thus, why would someone buy?  Everyone looks for a deal!

The “make your million by buying my automatic profit site” didn’t do anything other than make them a million.  They sent big binders that gave directions that just didn’t work.  And, try to get in touch with them?  No way.

Then there were the 7 steps or 21 steps businesses who had videos.  I watched them and discovered they just liked to hear themselves talk.  The notes I took were a half page for a sixty minute speech.  They were wasting my time and they only wanted me to buy their information products at the end of all the hours of talking.

I bought fully finished Drop Shipping Sites

That was really a mistake.  The sites I bought, and I bought three, were either to slow to come up, so people didn’t wait for them to actually open.  Or, I had one that I paid money to have them advertise for me also.   That was $8,000.00 down the tubes.  The company actually fired everyone a week after I bought, except for  the manager, including the salesman who promised me site up in 30 days, and first page of google in another 45 days.  Boy, was I an idiot on that one.  The third one was so bad, I couldn’t figure out what they were selling.  But, I had already spent the money.

Then, I found

First off, he didn’t promise me the moon.  In fact, he said they were an Online Marketing Education System.  I found them through looking at various Work From Home sites.  This one  was different.  They were going to teach me something and mentor me. And, they wanted less than $100 for a basic education.  I couldn’t believe it, but it was true.

I watched the first video and was blown away.  It had so much content that I had to watch it about three times before I felt like I had really started to understand what I needed to do. My notebook had  reams of notes. He knew what he was doing and was tellings us how to do it the fastest way possible.  That was a real difference.  I was going to need to do something.  He was teaching me something that I could use anywhere on the Internet.  I was being taught an Internet Marketing System.

At First, I didn’t think I could do it

I’m in my seventies.  I was good in technology in the Nineties and early 2000s, but I’ve been just emailing people and looking up stuff on the Internet for many years.  Then, I was given a mentor. He really was a help and didn’t let me get away with anything. I had to change my way of thinking a lot. He told me I need to believe in myself and set up a plan to learn all the stuff I need to learn.  I had homework.  I love that.  There were a lot of videos I had to look at more than once, but that was because there is no fluff.  It is all information I needed to learn.  And, there are more videos coming.

Then I got to know Rory Ricord

We have Student Calls every Tuesday night where the two top guys work with us to help us.  Steve is Operations and Attitude.  What a wonderfully transparent man.  I love that he works with us on our attitudes and techniques for learning and generally just loves all over us, yet at the same time, expects us to become the business people we need to be.

Rory is phenomenal!  He comes on and teaches us marketing techniques.  He is always looking for the newest way to market.  The Internet world is so fast I wouldn’t be able to keep up.  You can’t go to college for this because the curriculum would be out-of-date before the syllabus was written. But, Rory has 28 years of experience and he knows what he is doing.

He didn’t have to do this!

Here is the most amazing thing about him.  He is actually doing this out of the goodness of his heart.  He was a millionaire years ago and he could just continue to rake in the money.  The experience he has would let him continue to live, without worry, forever.  But, when the bubble burst in 2008, he watched many friends go under.  Rory Ricord didn’t because he had learned how to bring in multiple streams of income. There was no, just one thing, that he depended on.

He started teaching some of his friends what he did to keep from relying on one company or situation to keep them solvent.  Then he started realizing that there were many people in the world that could use this system without ever overloading it.

So, he took four years and developed a course of study with mentors to help people. Because we need people to answer when we ask questions. And, let me tell you, people will ask a lot of questions. Then he added telephone calls every week to bring us up to date on what is trending now.  And, he is just starting to go to events so he can meet some of his thousands of people who are learning from him.

I’m going to meet him in February.  I’m so looking forward to it.  Already, I feel like I know him personally,  but it will be wonderful to shake his hand and thank him for thinking of others and starting his company.

I now know what to do to be successful on the Internet. I could go ahead and branch off on my own, but I stay close with his teaching, because he is always ahead of the pack.  Following a leader in the field is just smart.

I’ve been with his company for a little over a year and am more and more inspired the longer I’m here.  About three months ago, I became a mentor and pretty much see the real nitty gritty of the business.  The more I learn, the more proud I am to be part of his system of teaching.  At times, I feel as proud as  I was the first time I saw my oldest daughter’s face.  I feel that strongly about this company.

So, I highly recommend  to anyone who wants to invest their time into learning a business that is a bigger and bigger part of this world we live in.  My site is  You can find his business of teaching Link Post Blogging in two of my categories.

Who does this type of work?

My niche is the older crowd and very family oriented. I have a mentor friend who promotes to the Anime lovers of the world. Another is really into camping and travel so he writes a travel blog. We have many people involved who simply, due to health related issues, can not longer be part of the work force, but they get to participate just like everyone else and make money from home on the internet.

And, then there are so many others who are in the same position I am.  I worked for 42 years and retired, but the world is more expensive and my retirement just can’t keep up.

And, finally, it isn’t just for me

I also love that I am able to “will” this to my children.  Because, I’m literally building my own business.  And, I can give that business to my children, because the work I do now, will continue to bring in money. So, this is my Review.  I have looked at a lot of other businesses over the last 12 years, and this one is a winner thru and thru. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.