Save the Marriage

What do you do when all you want to do is Save the Marriage?  T Dub, in this business, is a relationship expert.  He got his training, not from college, but from experience.  I was a Marriage and Family Counselor for several years and I have to agree with a lot of what he says.  Going to a counselor can help, save the marriage, but it sometimes takes a long time.  And by then, maybe it is to late.

Save the MarriageSo if you are in the situation where you had a fight.  You threw him out.  Or, you left her and went to stay with a buddy.  Or, any of the other situations where you have done something you wished you could take back, listen to this guy.  It might very well make a huge difference in your life to come.  And, that would make a lot of difference in the rest of your life.

Do you have these symptoms?

-Leaving the radio off because every song makes you cry

-Loss of appetite

-Binge eating for comfort

-Calling your ex several times a day

-Text messaging and emailing constantly (Text Message Terrorism)

-Constantly checking your email and voice mail to see if he/she called

-Not going out because you are afraid to miss a call

-Thinking non-stop about why they REALLY left you

-Feeling massively depressed

-Feeling urges to spy on them

-Endlessly rehearsing what you should have said

-Endlessly rehearsing what you will say if you bump into them

…and when you do get a hold of them, it usually turns ugly because without a clear plan of what you are supposed to do…what happens? P-A-N-I-C…defensiveness…arguments…and then it gets really nasty.

T Dub can help you.  Watch and listen.  Learn and put into practice.  This is what you want to do to Save Your Marriage.