I got caught in two scams recently. The first one,  I didn’t even realize was a scam until the same people tried it on me two months later.  That one cost me $1530 to save me from the “Koobo” virus.  They took me to a page, that was supposedly Wikipedia, which described the virus as a malware that was not fixed by Norton, or Symantec or any other virus protector.

Virus Solution

They sent me to a Dell page, which I thought was actually Dell.  The promotion was for a “lifetime” protection if I bought this program they were advertising.  It was so well done, that I thought I was actually getting the real thing.  I bought it, using money from my checking account.  (Which I now know wasn’t very smart on my part.) And they spent two hours working on my computer using Any Desk soft ware which I downloaded at their behest.  After they were finished.  They left me with two computer cleaners and gave me a security code which I was supposed to keep, if anyone called me.  I actually used the cleaners three times. Rory told me those cleaners were actually free.

Then They Tried the Same Scam on Me

I got a call, supposedly from the same company.  They told me I had picked up the “koobo” infection and they needed to clean up my computer.  I reminded them that they had supposedly cleaned my computer out of that virus and that I had paid for “lifetime” protection.

They then told me that they needed $1440.00 as a “security deposit” for them to rent a heavier duty fire wall for two hours.  And that I would get my money back.  That didn’t sound right.  I protested that my lifetime service should cover this second incursion of the “koobo” infection.  They assured me that the “lifetime” service only covered the technicians working on it and that I needed a stronger firewall to fix it. I was sent to a Manager, who was very aggressive in his speech toward me.  I finally told him that I was going to ask my boss about this.  The Manager put me down verbally, but I hung up anyway.

I then called my boss.  I work with an Online Marketing Guru, named Rory Ricord.  His company is teaching me Online Marketing techniques.  He is probably the most giving and thoughtful person I know, so I felt perfectly comfortable asking him about this situation.

Rory told me that he had heard of this before, and that I had been scammed.  He also told me I was lucky that they didn’t take everything from my checking account.  (Probably because that had wiped me out that particular month, so there wasn’t anything else to take.)

Rory told me what to do

He told me how to check out scams.  He had a very quick solution.  Check out the number they are calling from.  So, I put the number that they called me from into google and got a lot of responses on that number.  The most complete answer I received was  from a company called This is what you need to do whenever you are unsure of something.

It actually takes you to a site where you can see what other people have to say about this telephone number.  I put my experience in, with a lot of other people who said this was a scam and related how they were taken by this scam.
                              The Second Scam

This wasn’t so much a scam as it was a situation where I paid a lot of money for an item that I could have gotten on Amazon for less than 1/5th the cost.  I was called, by a telemarketer, and asked if I knew much about “blockchain rigs”.  I was amenable to listening to him tell me all about them and how people were making all kinds of money by having a blockchain rig in their home.

He explained that his company made these blockchain rigs and put them in homes that would connect them to their computer, thereby becoming an exchange.  I looked up all about blockchain rigs and found that he was telling the truth.  And, although I didn’t really understand the technology, it sounded like a good deal.  I would buy the rig from his company.  He would set me up with a wallet and his rig was set up to “hit” between 3 to 9 times a year, but would hit more often as part of a large group of rigs.  So, I would make small bits of money fairly often, but I would have a “hit” which would pay me 6.3 bitcoins, at whatever value they were at that time, about 3 to 9 times a year.

I bought into what he said

I bought one for $3000.  When I received it, I set it up according to his instructions.  It started working right away, and I noticed that it put out a lot of heat.  The room it was in got very hot very quickly, so I devised a “workaround” to get rid of the heat.  I live in Southern California.  Heat in the house is not a good thing during the Summer, Fall or Spring.

I found that the rig started paying just like he said, fairly quickly.  I would make .000987% of a blockchain transaction about every four days.  At first, I made about $1.35 per transaction, but then Bitcoin started being valued higher than $1530 and the money started getting to be more.  As Bitcoin went up in price, my returns became more.  The last time I looked about two days ago, I had one that gave me $17.35.

Now, that sounds great.  Totally passive income coming in every four days.  However, the cost of running this rig is a lot!  My electricity bill is about $200 a month more and this is ongoing.   And, the circuit it is on happens to be the same circuit as my microwave.   I can’t used the microwave more than 48 seconds before it trips the switch and everything shuts down.

How is this a scam you say?

On December 7, 2017, I got a call from a company called “Boomerang”.  They told me that the company I had bought the rig from had a fire.  While they were getting back up to speed, Boomerang Technology would be taking care of their customers.

I bought his explanation hook line and sinker.  I mentioned that I hadn’t had a “hit” yet, and I was not to happy with that.  He asked to check my site out and I happily let him in.  (To stupid to breath, right?)  He added some information in and told me that everything was fine and I shouldn’t worry.  However, I have learned a lot more about blockchain technology since March of 2017, so I realized he was putting another “address” into my account.  And, that this is a third address because a second one was put on just about a month ago.  I didn’t do that.

So, I became suspicious.  I checked out “Boomerang Technology” and I find that it is considered a scam by some people.  I tried calling my old old company and just got constant busy signal.  Then, I tried Boomerang’s number again and was cut off immediately.

So, I tried my Scam check

So, I tried what my friend and teacher, Rory, told me and found that both numbers are considered scammer numbers.  I still have money coming in though.  So, I checked further about my blockchain rig.  I found out I could have bought it from Amazon for about $495 and had .12565 percent of bitcoin return per month, IF I knew how to set up the technology.  So, I paid “to much for to little return” and eventually, I will learn how to set the blockchain rig up correctly to gain more cryptocurrency each month.

Until then, I’m just hanging out here and telling everyone I know what to do when they are uncertain of something.  I do have to give a large shout out though to my mentor and friend, Rory Ricord.  He taught me what I needed to know.

Thank You Rory

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So you say to yourself, who is this foolish?

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