Talking To Toddlers: Dealing With The Terrible Twos And Beyond

Talking to the child during the Terrible Twos and beyond.

Have you ever wondered whether you were going to survive the Terrible Twos with your toddler?  He or she answers the simplest requests with a resounding NO!.  Just yesterday, they loved to please Mommy and loved to play games.  Yes, there was that heart-wrenching eighteen months time when they cried whenever you left them at the sitters.  But, those times were lived through.  Now, it is NO, NO, NO, for everything and you feel like it is all your fault.  You must be doing something terrible wrong.  Well Free Toddler Parenting Tips will be your savior.

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How to deal with behavior problems in children by Chris Thompson – Author, Parenting Expert and Certified NLP Practitioner
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  • The only real reason your kids are not already well behaved.
  • The way most parents talk to their kids, causing them to do exactly what you don’t want
  • The crucial emotional bridge you MUST establish with your child before you try to change their behavior.
  • The one word you are probably abusing, which triggers those awful temper tantrums