How to Tell a Great Story

How to Tell a Great Story

What is good Fiction? It is a great story that grabs your attention in the first few paragraphs.  You are drawn into the world of the characters almost immediately.  I’m a voracious reader.  And, as you have noted on this page, I have found many ways to feed my desire to read good fiction.  If a story doesn’t pull me in within the first two pages or less, I go on to something else.

There are so many books available now.  You can either publish under the old rules where you had to interest a publisher, then go through several edits and many decisions before your book was published.  After that, you had to go out and promote your book, or pay someone to do so.  How many book signings and travel can you handle?  Or, the newest thing in the publishing world is publishing eBooks.  Amazon has a whole department that helps you do this.  However, your story needs to be really good to grab the attention of readers because there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people doing this now.

That is why I also added this company to my fiction category page.  Thus, those aspiring writers can learn How to Tell a Great story, then how to format it to reach the most people without having to go through the challenge of finding a publisher to take your book.  There are several eBook writers who have had publishers come to them.  I know several of them.

How To Tell A Great Story

  • Are you an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER to storytelling? Would you like to discover storytelling techniques that experienced and professional storytellers use? These are methods that save time and help you tell a great story, not just another waste of time!
  • Have you been searching for a resource on how to tell a great story specifically for storytellers who are just starting out that makes learning storytelling techniques really easy? And explains everything using words that you understand, not some special storytelling jargon where you need to look up every single term?

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How to Tell a Great Story is divided into 7 easy-to-follow steps, described in easy-to-understand language.  If you are interested then, read on from here.