Terri Reid, Author

Terri Reid is an author who combines several genre into one very likable book series for me. And, she is a prolific author, which is great!

Terri Reid, Author of a very unusual genre 

I first found Terri Reid about three years ago.  Kindle Unlimited  is one of my favorite places to look, and I am signed up with Book Bub.  I was listed as liking Paranormal, Mystery and Romance type books. When I was putting down genres I enjoy, I even threw in Cozy mysteries and both historical and present day periods.

By the way, I really like Book Bub. They are an off-shoot of Amazon that promotes a lot of new Indy Authors at very inexpensive prices.

It has exposed me to many new authors of which Terri was one.  It also lists many of the Kindle Unlimited books, so most of the books I get are either $0.99 or Free.  Since, I love to read and read a lot, this is perfect!

Now Terri started in 2010 as an Independent Writer.  Her bio is really good.  In fact, I’m going to put it here so you can see why I like her so much.

“Terri Reid lives near Freeport, the home of the Mary O’Reilly Mystery Series, and loves a good ghost story.  An independent author, Reid uploaded her first book, “Loose Ends – a Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery” in August 2010.  By the end of 2013, “Loose Ends” had sold over 200,000 copies.  there are now 19 other books in the Mary O’Reilly Series, the first books in the following series – “The Blackwood Files, ” “The Order of Brigid’s Cross,” and “The Legend of the Horsemen.”  She also has a stand-alone romance, “Bearly in Love.”

Reid has enjoyed Top Rated and Hot New Release status in the Women Sleuths and Paranormal Romance category through Amazon US.  Her books have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and German and are now also available in print and audio versions.”

It goes on about how other authors are learning from her method of writing.  But, that is not why I am writing this article.

Why I’m Writing This

Loose EndsI read Loose Ends, and became enamored with the whole town and characters that Terri wrote about.  I did mention that she has an unusual genre.  Well, I call them,  Clean, Cozy, Paranormal, Mysteries”.  There are others out there who are writing in this style.  Many Christian Authors are writing clean romantic mysteries.  But, this particular author has captured me and seems to have invited me into her life.

I was interested right away in the first book.  The first chapter was a murder, and while you had an idea that someone was the killer, you weren’t sure.  Then the second chapter started and I checked all my door locks.  Yet, what happened was so unusual from my standpoint, that it struck me funny.  And that is another one of the neat little extra things she throws into her book.

She makes me Laugh

I have laughed out loud so many times reading and rereading these books.  She has a way of injecting humor into life and really makes me more relaxed about challenges.  Because, we all go through challenges in this life.  And, I really like the way Mary O’Reilly behaves through hers.

I have read all the Mary O’Reilly series,  at least three times now.  Whenever I get frustrated with the “plot – heroine meets hero, they have something that happens that makes them hate each other, then they go into a sexual frenzy for several pages (which I skip) a little more plot, more sexual thoughts and frenzy, a little more plot, and like that until they maybe catch a bad guy, then they marry and the story ends.”

Then, I go back and read a real story from one of my favorite authors.  Terri is one of them.  Her books are interesting enough that I can read them over and over and I generally wind up reading the whole series again.

I like good writing and I look for it

I like unusual.  Her stories are about true feelings that build gradually.  I like a little sexual tension, but I also think that to often, sex is used as a filler for a thin plot.

This doesn’t happen in Terri’s books.  There are always several plots going on and many things happening to everyone.  You never figure out the ending before the middle of the story.  And, I never have to skip pages.  The books are all plot!  Yeah!

That is what I like.  I love a meaty plot, filled with well developed characters. Some you like. Some you don’t. It doesn’t matter. Their place is necessary in Mary’s world. I love endings that surprise me. I love laughing in so many places in a book.

These are the kinds of books that I don’t put down.  I look up and it is two o’clock and I have to get up early the next day.  I don’t care.

Terri Read also writes other Series

The Blackwood Files” has one of Mary’s brother’s in it.  But, it is a wonderful standalone series also.

The Order of Brigid’s Cross” also has some of the family fromthe order of brigids crossMary’s life in it, and they are just as unusual.  The characters are really different.  This one goes even farther into the paranormal and I loved it!  I totally enjoyed the unusual backgrounds of the main characters and the subtle love story, as well as the fights and adventure!

Yes, these are adventure stories also.  That is why I say that Terri Reid is an author in a very unusual genre, or one could say, an author who spans many genre’s.

I’m so glad there are more for me to read

I still have some more of Terri’s books to read.  Thank goodness.  I’m going after the Bearly in Love and The Legend of the Horseman.  I can’t wait!

By the way, if you liked this article, I like to write about what I enjoy.  My site is http://1p61.com.  It is an online Marketing site that seeks to teach as well as promote.  Currently, I’ve been teaching about cryptocurrency, Alzheimers and Decluttering. However, I love to read and I couldn’t put off letting the world learn about Mary O’Reilly’s World.  This link will take you to Amazon.  You can look for Terri Reid under Author.  She has lots of books and one thing I would suggest is to write them down in order, because, the titles are all very interesting!