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This is a thank you letter for Registering with my  TNT Online Shopping site, where New Offers and usually amazing items are found here all the time. Thank you for checking me out.  I’m a retired teacher enjoying my retirement and having fun online at the same time.

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I have a huge focus on helping people to make money online but I also enjoy writing articles that teach people new knowledge.  And articles that help people understand the rapidly changing financial trends.  I also like to write articles of interest to people at all ages.

I even have a free book that you can access from this site.  Just start down below and read it chapter by chapter.  It is my fifth book.  I have mainly written for children and young adults before, because I was writing for my grandchildren.  However, they are mostly grown now and I decided to write a book that had a little more of me and my life in it.  So, just go to the bottom of this page and start.

Thank you again for registering… and I look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you as I connect through the net for years to come.

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