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This is Toni’s Place.  I like to write.  I like to review books and author’s and I do so all the time at Amazon.  I’m “Love’s to Read and Review” for Amazon when I do book reviews. Toni’s place will also have reviews of current events, information on health, and anything else I happen to want to write about.

Toni's place

I have posted my articles and other thoughts here.  I like to add content that is of value to my reader.  That is the premise of Toni’s Place.

Alzheimer’s, Do you have it?  This article is about the information on Alzheimer’s that I have been following for the last 12 years.  You will learn the very personal reason I have been so interested in this disease.

It’s Flu season again Signs and symptoms for all of us, from infants to the Elderly.  Do you want to know the signs?  They are all here, along with what to do to prevent it and how to treat a minor case. Also, I put in when to go to the emergency room.

How to Sleep Better  This is an article I wrote because I am an insomniac.

How to Declutter Your Home I saw this book advertised for $16.95 in a catalog.  It mentioned that AARP had promoted it.  I couldn’t find it at AARP, so I borrowed it from the library made notes for myself, since decluttering and getting ready to downsize are conversations that I have with a lot of my friends.  It was such a large book and had some much information, that I actually wrote three articles because I didn’t want them to be too long.

How to Declutter or Downsize your Home, Part Two

Review of Downsizing the Family Home, Part Three  This article goes into a lot of different things that include hoarding and how to discern if you are a hoarder.

Real Estate and Direct Cellars Wine Club are Made for Each Other. Real Estate agents always give you a gift when you buy a home.  This is a gift that keeps on giving.

Review of I took this opportunity to tell my story about becoming a Link Post Blogger.  I hope you enjoy it.  I sure liked that I could say what I think about this business I’m in.

Scams  I related how I got caught in two different types of scams and what I have found out is the best thing to do when you aren’t sure of something.

Terri Reid, AuthorI absolutely love her writing and I wrote her to tell her that.  And, also to comment on the 20th book in one of my favorite series by her.  Because, I like to share, I wrote an article about her and how much I enjoy her excellent writing, and  her several interesting series.  

Why is wine more popular than beer?  This article is another article I wrote about our wonderful wine of the month club.  It goes into more detail about how having a membership in this club helps your knowledge about wine.