Ultimate eBook Creator

Get Your Book Accepted On Amazon KDP the First Time! Getting your eBooks accepted on Kindle, iBookStore, LuLu, Smash words and Barnes&Noble is one of the most difficult tasks you will encounter. Don’t believe me? Just do a simple Google search on “iBookStore formatting” and you are reading tons of blogs and stories about people struggling with the iBookStore.

This is the process. First you upload your book using a service like lulu.com.  Then you wait 3-4 weeks to get your eBook validated. If there is even one error, your eBook will be rejected! But here’s the kicker. They DO NOT tell you ALL the errors at once. Then you fix that one error and submit again. Wait another 3 weeks to see if your eBook got accepted. 

This goes on and on until you fix all the eBook errors… PAINFUL!! Happily that is not the case anymore.  Not with Ultimate eBook Creator, though. So many Ultimate eBook Creator customers email me back and say “Thanks, my eBook got accepted the first time! And I only had to wait 4 hours!”.

Ultimate eBook Creator has helped over 3000 authors publish their eBooks on Amazon and other platforms!

The sales from Ultimate eBook Creator have enabled the author’s wife to quit her day job to be a full-time mom to their two boys and an active children’s book writer. She has published two recipe eBooks and over 40 children’s eBooks on Amazon KDP using Ultimate eBook Creator and earns a nice passive income.

Ultimate eBook Creator Features

System Requirements


Microsoft Windows – Win XP, VISTA, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10


For Mac users, you MUST have a Windows PC emulator software installed on your Mac computer such as Parallels

Built in Pro Editor like MS Word

 Change font, paragraph styles, justify, indent and more…
 Multi Language Spell Checker – over 80 languages!
 User Interface in English and German Languages (French, Spanish is planned)
 Auto generates and formats the Table of Contents (TOC)
 Import manuscript in Microsoft Word documents, PDF and UEC Projects
 Insert text, images, MS Word documents
 Insert Web Links to external websites
 Insert Bookmarks and link to bookmarks
 Embed Audio and Video into your eBook
 Create Interactive eBooks
 Standalone pro editor for physical books – Amazon Createspace


eBook Generator

 Export your eBook in the following file formats:
 Amazon MOBI
 EPUB (100% validated to the specifications of: International Digital Publishing      Forum)
 PDF with Clickable Table of Contents
 Microsoft Word document (doc, docx) with Clickable Table of Contents


MS Word Conversion Tools

 Convert your manuscript in MS Word to:


PDF Conversion Tools

 Convert your PDF manuscript to:
 PDF Password Protection
 EPUB to PDF Conversion

Writer’s Studio

Organize your book plots and ideas into unlimited categories and sub-categories as deep as you want
Outline and structure your ideas, take notes, – like Scrivener
Built in Editor just like MS Word – Change font, paragraph styles, justify, indent and more…
Import and organize 1000s of articles and content (Text, images)
Search your content and plots in seconds – simple and advanced search options
Built in security to protect your content
Password protect any individual article or content

Customer Testimonials

“I’ve been using UEC now for four+ years and there has not been a single occasion over that time when Nitin has not replied to my many questions within a few hours, and with such clarity…”
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“After spending years wandering in the wasteland that was e-pub formatting and finding no simple or credible software solution to the complex issues regarding e-pub formatting…”
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“I have been using the Ultimate eBook Creator for writing, publishing and selling my books on Kindle for over 3 months now and have found this to be an effortless way to…”