Valentines Day is coming

Valentines Day is coming.Valentines Day is coming.  What have you bought for your loved one?  What have you planned for that special day?

I remember my honey leaving a card and a box of See’s Chocolate Nut fudge on my side of the couch in the morning of every holiday.  It was really reassuring, because he knew exactly what I liked.  We were really honest about what we liked and appreciated.

I would buy him books that were to his taste and then leave them in a little pile with a card on his place on the couch.  I was sure that was exactly what he wanted.

But, you know?  This last year, I learned about being a little more interesting in showing someone you cared.  I learned about giving gifts that were unusual, good for the environment and my body, and were meant to be shared.

So, Valentines Day is coming.  Let’s get crazy!

Valentines Day is Coming

Artisan Gift Soap Products are some of the most unusual and neat gifts I have come across.  And, right now, they are having a SALE!  They have been giving a 15% discount and Free shipping for any orders over $25.  But, they have added a sale, and I don’t know how long it’s going to be going on, but, I’ll tell you.  I bought all my Christmas presents from them and had them delivered to all my family and friends.  Except for three soaps that I personally hand wrapped and gave out during a luncheon.  I absolutely LOVED the Pink Carnation scent.  I loved everything else also, but this scent reminded me of the garden I remembered in Tripoli, North Africa.

We lived outside the base in a little house with a large yard.  We had a gardener named Sin.  Yeah, neat name.  He grew the most beautiful flowers and among them were Carnations.  In my child’s memory.  They smelled the best of all the flowers.

So, I just indulged myself and bought 2 of that scent soap, and a lovely  floral body creme. 

However, there are more neat things that can be given on 

Valentines Day

I know about a neat new Travel Company

In Fact, they will be doing an initial coin offering in February.  They will be using the power of crypto currency to ensure the price of travel will be a lot less than what it has been.  The reason for this is that they will be using cryptocurrency and signing up vendors (airlines and travel vacations and places to stay) and working directly with them.  This will make travel absolutely way less expensive!
I’m really excited about them.  I signed up to be one of the Independent Marketing Partners because they are putting together a really good commission program.  And, it will bring in

residual income.  That, I particularly liked.  
Again, this is a Brand New Travel Company that I’m talking about.  They have incredible financial backing and are on target to be completely set up by the end of the year.  But, I’m telling you early.  Because, they are looking for Independent Marketing Partners all over the world.  They want us to be able to go to places that, as this time, are beyond our travel vacation pocketbook.  They want us to find neat Bed and Breakfasts, Interesting Hotels off the beaten track, Vendors that can offer something different.  Right now, we are just looking for travel accommodations.  But, this year, will bring other interesting vendors into the fold.

So if you really want to make 2018 a very special year, why don’t you add some to your travel vacation pocketbook and continue adding even as your travel destinations get broader and broader.

This company is even giving cryptocurrency bonuses for people starting out with them in their prelaunch phase.  They gave out over a million and a half in one month alone in bonuses.  That is something I’m excited to be part of.  Because I got some of that.

This is going to be a GREAT YEAR

As you can see, I’m really excited about this new year.  In February, I’m going to a big event in Las Vegas with my Wine of the Month Club.

Later in the year, I will be visiting family and taking some vacation time.  I can do that because I’m an Online Marketer.  Anywhere that has Wifi, is a place I can work.  That is pretty cool when you can take your office with you.

So, make your Valentines Day a new beginning.  Buy something beautiful.  Set up to have wonderful vacations all over the world in the near future.  And, relax in your home office, like I do, at the end of the day, with a fine glass of wine.