What do men want from women?


This company  is a business that is very honest about teaching both men and women the facts of life.  This company has made it their passion to teach both women and men how to figure out what men want from women and how to keep his interest.

Of course, a lot of what is written here, can also be utilized by men when they want to attract the interest of a woman.

For example, They note that women need to be attractive to a man.  Their suggestion is that the woman lose weight, so her hip to waist ratio is appropriate.  This is with a fairly flat waist and posture that promotes that obvious ratio. I think the traditional is 36/26/36.  Wasn’t that Marilyn Monroe?

The same can be said of men.  A beer belly is just not attractive.  There is no other way to say it.  Also, a flatter stomach is healthier and suggests a person of either sex will be a longer living partner.

Then, they suggest that women make the most of their looks, by wearing make up and keeping their hair a little longer.  They also mention that red lipstick is the only color that is actually seen by men.  The tomboy look is not going to attract anything other than friendship.  Because, a ladylike appearance is more sexually attractive to a man.

I know, some women dress very provocatively in an attempt to turn up the sexual tension.  That is a method that can work.  If the partner can see past your dress, and notice you have a brain.  And, if they can picture you meeting their parents and settling down to a long term relationship.  Quite often though, this just makes the man think that you have the same thing in mind that he does and that doesn’t promote long term relationships.

In Depth Training is here

However, this company does provide in depth training which will make you they note to men.  They have done their research and they know what works.  It is sometimes hard to realize that we really do have to present ourselves in the best light.  And, many of us have just gotten comfortable with our extra pounds, comfortable shoes and close girlfriends, or men friends.  However, that isn’t going to make you anything other than a best friend in the eyes of a man, or partner.  Because this is also true for women when they see someone across the room. Men also need to be dressed neatly, chew with their mouth closed and have interests that they can talk about.

Shared hobbies are a great way to meet new people.  You automatically have something to talk about and do together.  I like dancing because it brings you close immediately.  And, you can learn a lot about someone just by the way they lead and follow.  Walking groups, or other outdoor groups are fun to join and also have the added effect of helping one keep healthy.

So, look at what this company has to offer.  It is hard hitting, and sometimes hits very close to home.  However, you are looking for this information.