What Happens with Bitcoin Mining

What happens with Bitcoin MiningBitcoin mining is a program that is downloaded on a 64 Bit PC computer.  It is part of the process called blockchain technology.  It ‘mines’ cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin mining is easy passive income that will build slowly to bring in needed money to people who want it.

This is what happens with bitcoin mining

This is an example of what Bitcoin mining can do for a family.  It’s a fictional story, because I like to write.  So this is fun for me. However, do not be misled.  This is happening right now, all over the world.  Because Bitcoin mining is saving many from poverty in countries all over the globe.

The Trickle in Mystery

It started so slowly that no one really noticed, at first.  It was just a few dollars, then a week later, a few more.  Joseph, a long time employee, wondered.  The Johnsons were struggling.  Everyone knew it.  So, what was this?  He was going to have to find out why their account had $200 more this month than last.

The next week, Mrs. Johnson came into the bank 

“Mrs. Johnson, congratulations,” he said.  “Congratulations for what?” she answered.  “You’ve taken on a part time job. That’s quite a feat for your age.”  He smiled.  She was well over 70 and looked every bit of it.  Her large family had kept her pretty busy for many years.  But, she looked happy, even though a little worn.  He knew her husband, Roger was confined to a wheelchair and one of her grandson’s was helping her out.  She must be taking in washing or something.  But, he didn’t recognize the place where the money was coming from, some kind of wallet?

“Don’t be silly Joseph!  I’ve got more work than my body can handle already.  But, if this ‘mining’ that my grandson put on works, maybe I can hire a cleaning woman to help out.”

“Mining”?  he asked.  “Oh, I don’t want to talk about it now, she said, I’ll just wait and see”.  She left the bank.

Three months passed, and her Grandson came into the bank

“Hi Mr. Brown, my Grandma said you thought she had a part time job.  Have you noticed how well that job is doing?”  Joseph certainly had noticed how well it was doing. Four months ago, she had an extra $200. Then it was $250. The next month was $350.  Last month her account showed a $400 increase in income.

“Yes, William, I have noticed.”  Joseph said.  “Would you like to know what her extra job is?” William asked. “I certainly would! Her account income, over and above their retirement income from the railroad has doubled in the last five months.”  I thought she was taking in washing or something.  But, this is much more than that, and it keeps going up.”

William smiled

  “Well, Mr. Brown, it goes like this.  I signed my grandparents up with a ‘mining‘ company.  Then, I signed up all my Uncles, Aunts, my brothers, sisters and my cousins.

Now we all are able to help my Grandparents out, without them having to do anything extra at all.  This works so easily because of our big family.  You remember that Grandma had 12 children, 10 of whom lived to at least 60, and all had families of many children, even though very few live nearby anymore.”

“Get on with it!”  Mr. Brown didn’t have time to waste on this whole thing about family.  He knew about family.  He had a large one to.

Have you ever heard about Bitcoin?

“Have you every heard about Bitcoin, William asked?”  “I’ve read a little about it.” Joseph admitted.  “That is your answer!  I signed my Grandparents up with a company that uses the 64bit PC they use to send emails to family.

I showed my Grandparent’s children how to sign up with my Grandparent’s number, and all of those children had their children sign up with their numbers. Now, they are signing up friends and neighbors and all of their families.  It has gone global!  We have family and friends who live in Argentina, England, Germany, even India.

What do you mean sign up?  And sign up to do what? 

“‘Smart Mining‘ My grandparent’s computer is not busy during the evening time and all night.  When it’s not being used, their computer is busily utilizing a program called Smart Miner.  It is downloaded on their computer.  And they get it from this company called Computta.  We have over two hundred signed in and more are getting signed in every day.

My grandparents are being helped by their whole family and friends and neighbors.  They are sleep better tonight, now that their bills are being paid easily and they don’t have to scrimp.  Maybe by next year, they will have saved enough to go visit my mom in England.  You know she teaches over there.”

“Can anyone do this?”

“Of course, William replied.  It’s a business after all.  They want everyone to do this, because it keeps authoritarian governments

frWhat happens with bitcoin mining.om taking  over everything themselves.  Governments all over the world have held the power of currency in their own hands.  They manipulate it.  They control it. And, they are generally the only ones who profit by it.

Now, with blockchain technology, through the Internet, money can be sent to and from people internationally, without any government taking its cut.  And, it takes virtually no time at all.  It is completely transparent so there aren’t any backroom deals.  It is hack proof, because it is decentralized.  There are no downsides, except fear.  Fear of something new.  Fear of change.  That is the whole reason that anybody wouldn’t want to make their computers work for them.”

“Tell me where to get this.  I can use extra money.”

 “Sure, go to this site and sign upRead all about it.  They have explanations about everything you want to know. Then, they will give you directions on how to get into their wallet for payment.  You may have to ask your own grandkids how to do this.  Us, younger generation, aren’t so overwhelmed with computer directions.  Just ask.  We love to help.”

And, that’s my fictional story.  Only it isn’t so fictional after all.  This is already happening all over the world.  First, because it made it impossible for international banking systems to “lose” the money that was sent from one country to another.  Second, because it is so fast and stops the three day delay that used to happen.  It also undermines the different governments trying to shut down “exchanges”, like the Chinese did four months ago.  And the Vietnamese government did the same thing about a month later.

That is why this company started this process

This is a “work around”.  This is a free internet doing what it does best.  Making communication available to everyone, no matter where they live.  Making Learning Online possible, no matter where you live.  This is Internet 3.0, making money available to all. And providing a way for all to thrive in this new world.

I hope you enjoyed my story about What Happens With Bitcoin Mining.

I enjoy the fact that this is already happening, and has been for about three years.  Yes, cryptocurrency is in the news and it is volatile, because many people who got in when bitcoin was only $800 for each one, sold when it went to over $19,000.00 a couple weeks ago.  They all made fortunes.  But, watch who is buying in at the new lower price.  The same people, and others who know that this is something that will be with us forever.