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Exciting selections hand-picked by our wine experts, that fit your preferences like a glove. Always Below Retail.

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Wine clubDirect Cellars’ REVOLUTIONARY  wine club approach puts the focus 100% on you.

We’re focused on EXPLORATIONDISCOVERY and EDUCATION. Each month our experts select great PREMIUM wines from wineries around the globe. Each selection is accompanied by our tasting notes – detailing the WHO, HOW and WHERE each wine was crafted. Your SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED.

With each shipment – we help you REFINE your palate and identify the regions and varieties you love – and when you do find that perfect wine – we’re the ONLY CLUB that provides members the opportunity to STOCK UP at our club cost. 

Fortunately, our wine club members received wine from the Napa Vineyards area three months ago.  Those members now have wine from vineyards that will take years to get back into business. That is one thing that we don’t generally think of.  With all the disasters and changes in our planet, some areas are not the same as they were just a month ago. Getting the best wines now is the smart way to go.

Our goal is to help you fill your own cellar with wine that YOU LOVE – wine that you are CONFIDENT about – that you are PROUD OF – and most importantly – that you are excited to SHARE with your friends.

Wine is good all the time and fine wine is better than good all the time.  Build your wine cellar with the best available at grower’s prices.  See it Here