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The Ultimate Guides for Creating a Website using WordPress

By buying one of these books, you are gaining a huge advantage over most WordPress users when it comes to creating a website. I want you to note that many of these books are free in Kindle Edition.

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Word Press

Many people struggle with getting Search Engine Optimization.  I did for about a year, until I actually made a study of it and learned to read how other people have solved this challenge. It seems so easy, yet I was hitting roadblock after roadblock.

Now I know that WordPress was originally designed for news-oriented sites. However, because of its ease of use and flexibility, people are now using it to create all kinds of websites.

The problem is, most sites aren’t really “news sites”. And, the average user does not know how to effectively use the Menu function and static pages to create a website.  These guides help  users take care of these situations.

  • Not every site should be organized in a blog format, with only categories and posts.  He gives successful alternatives.
  • What Static Language Pages are used for, and how to use them successfully.
  • Reverse Chronological Order is not the only way to go.
  • How to make your menus link to the pages you want.

The WP Beginner Guides are the perfect starter guides for anyone new to this, because it shows you how to make the best use of the dynamic and static functionality.  Your content is organized in the most logical way for your visitors.

Don’t be intimidated by WordPress.  These guides make learning a breeze!

Word Press

The WP Beginner Guides are For:

People learning how to use it (for hosted sites, not the free WordPress.com version) or

Existing Users,  who are struggling with layout, site navigation, and WordPress basics

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